Real Life Ghost Stories

Image by Enrique from Pixabay

A Haunted House

This is a real story, which was told to me by my friend H. She lives in Queens, New York, in an area with more and more people of diverse ethnicity moving in since about 15 years ago. And most of the original residents have moved out gradually, except an old couple. Then the husband died and only the wife lived there. The old lady of course wanted to sell the house and went to live in Florida or some other retirement communities, but she couldn’t sell the house at the fair market value for the simple reason that her house is very close to a graveyard. And you know Asian people are very superstitious and a house next to a graveyard is definitely screaming ghosts and goblins with a loud speaker in the Asian psyche. So it has been the case for many years that the poor old lady could only sell the house at half of its market value. Of course she couldn’t accept such a huge deduction–so she stayed and waited. Then a rumor started to circulate which said that the house was haunted. And this rumor drove away the remaining Asians who were willing to pay the half price.

Then one day, a couple from New England came–they love haunted houses and they don’t mind living in a mixed area. So the house was eventually sold.

A Haunted Bridge

The bridge on Route 1 connecting Edison with North Brunswick is definitely haunted. I am living not far away from it and I am driving to and fro on it very often. The Raritan River runs underneath it. This bridge is very sturdily built and has three traffic lanes for each direction. Also there’s a sidewalk for people jogging or walking, although I’ve never seen anybody except the occasional workers doing repair job. And the traffic on this bridge is never really bad at all. I mean it is just a very normal bridge, but for some mysterious reasons it has more accidents. Everybody I talked to around here has seen at least several accidents on that bridge, which is quite a lot considering there are so many other bridges all over the place.

I’ve seen at least three accidents on this bridge. And all of them seemed out of nowhere. I mean it is an easy drive without shops, intersections. How can cars smash into each other for no reason? The bridge must be haunted.

A Female Pirate

Many people have heard of pirates of Caribbean, but very few have heard of pirates of Asia. This is a true story and it happened in the 19th century. I won’t reveal all the details because I am thinking of weaving it into one of my future books–the hero’s ancestor is not really an industrialist as he was told, but rather a pirate.

This was at the height of colonization and many poor people in Southeast Asian countries suffered terribly. For a long time, being a pirate and taking risks at the high sea were the only career option for aspiring young men. And there was a daring woman among them, who eventually became the leader of all the pirates in the region. She came from the lowest of the lower social background and couldn’t even read, but she had the natural talent and ability to organize and consolidate all the pirates. She got so good at it that the British eventually made a deal with her in order to minimize their shipping losses.

It is said after she died, she became a ghost and has haunted the area ever since.

24 thoughts on “Real Life Ghost Stories

  1. I don’t like ghost stories because I’m also a bit superstitious and believe in ghosts lol. I actually have so many ghost stories of my own because I have had some weird things happen to me.

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    1. Wow….. You are getting me hooked. Please share your ghost stories. Please…….. Your fans are waiting for them and you do not want to poke your fans without having the intention of satisfying them later on. Please please please.

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  2. Ghost stories always have that tag of unbelievable. But I know that like many others, I tend to believe them. Maybe scary is more relatable and easier than happy. That bridge story is very freaky. Gave me the chills. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it sounds unbelievable, and yet one tends to believe it in one way or another. I think so too that although being scared is not related with being happy, I have to say being scared is not really related with unhappiness. Often being scared can give us a kick when we are mired in life’s boring routines.

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  3. When I visit my son in Virginia, I always jog along a side road with nice houses. The houses on one side of the street have back yards that are bordered by a cemetery. I have always wondered if they were able to buy at lower prices because many people would not live next to a cemetery. But the cemetery is really a nicer backyard view than the other side of the street which has backyards looking at industrial businesses and apartment houses.

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    1. I would think so too. I mean a graveyard will surely have some effects on the real estate value, just like a train station and along the railway line. Actually I feel like I am not as superstitious as before. Now I think of it–I mean my narcissistic parents and grandmother surely are more scary than ghosts. What if life gives me the choice–living beside a graveyard or live in a narcissistic household? I mean we should definitely choose the former.


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