Pre-Christmas Adventure

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

At The Grocery Store

One just knows the economy is no good when one sees a beautiful blondie stepping out of a BMW and entering a grocery store like Aldi, which is a haven of discount food. I’ve been frequenting this store for years and have never seen anything like this. She has the height and posture like a supermodel, wearing a whole body suit that covers only to the knee–she must have been jogging somewhere. She grabs one item only–almond milk–the goddess’s typical low carb breakfast. People at the checkout wave her by to let her go to the front of the line. She gives a little nod to acknowledge it, with an air of beautiful politeness. Somehow I imagine she never gets a traffic ticket, never waits in line, always has 100 or more 2nd chances. Looks

A Flat Tire

Is it a sign? A flat tire right before Christmas? My friend says it’s a good sign, meaning the old one is gone and the new one is coming. I think it is meaningless. It is our brain’s weakness that it always tries to find meanings, even in things that have no meaning. On the other hand, the brain deliberately ignores the signs that it doesn’t want to see for years and years. At the end, when it’s no longer possible to ignore the signs, false explanations and self serving philosophies would rush in…

A New Writing Format

I’ve never noticed prose poem before, but somehow I noticed it today. However, after a couple of hours, I could only come up with unsatisfactory lines. So I bought the book “Short” and “Illuminations” about prose poem and try to investigate this new writing format.

Omicron Among Us

My friend’s sister-in-law, her husband, the husband’s parents, their two children all got it. It started from the three-year-old’s kindergarten. By the way, they live in Queens, New York. One child has a fever and is tested positive for omicron. The kindergarten is shut down, but before closing, everybody in there got it. And I can imagine that every kid is passing it to their immediate family.

And today a friend got sick but she refused to go to hospital since she’s afraid that if she goes, she’s going to get infected by micron. I think she has a point.

Remember But Not Memorizing

I feel terrified of my bad memory. Actually I feel so terrified that I start to learn Thai and Spanish. However, I refuse to memorize grammar or words. I had traumatic rote memory experience when learning English, and I had no interest to repeat that.

With Spanish, I can turn on subtitles on YouTube videos, reading and guess and muddling through. I can feel the gradual improvement. However with Thai, it is more difficult. There’s very little cognate possibility with Thai. I am compiling a Thai picture dictionary in powerpoint and I wonder if this can help.

12 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Adventure

  1. Merry Christmas Haoyan Do! I hope everyone you know recovers quickly.

    My absolute favourite app for language learning is Lingodeer (although, I got in very early before the app price went up, don’t know how much it is now).

    Have you heard of or tried Anki? It’s a free flash-card software originally designed for language training but now includes all topics (it’s heavily used by medical students worldwide). It’s open-source and you can download decks that other people have made. Takes a little bit of navigating but lots of tutorials exist on YouTube.

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