Christmas Story Options

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Last year, I wrote two Christmas stories here and here, which were my first two attempts at the topic. Now reading them again, I feel that I tried too hard last year to make it cheerful and fun. I’m thinking that probably I need to find a way to conceal my effort, but I haven’t figured out how to achieve that.

And this year what can I do? I am thinking of the following options:

Option Number 1

Santa is invited to go to Thailand for a Christmas event, but the event planners don’t want reindeer. They prefer their own elephant. Santa tries to argue with them that he and his team of reindeer is the whole package–either take it as a whole or leave it.

Santa is also writing letters of complaints to South Korea theme parks, which present a Korean version of Santa in blue traditional garb. They also have the audacity to change Santa’s name to Santa Haraboji, making it a complete Korean grandfather figure without any allusion to the original Santa image.

Option Number 2

Red nosed Rudolph has done something that has damaged his public image. He’s trying to lend a helping hand to his brother Richard, who’s having legal trouble with several female reindeer who accuse him of inappropriate behaviors. Rudolph says on TV that he, as a notable public figure, refrains from getting involved, but an investigation into his phone record discovers his intimate knowledge and close tie with Richard’s legal defense team.

Santa wants to save Rudolph. In an interview when he’s trying to find ways to defend his red nosed friend, he finds himself under attack. “Why haven’t you ever hired a woman or a female reindeer? Don’t you think your team is gender imbalanced?”

Option Number 3

Santa’s two assistants are caught making inappropriate jokes about the lockdown and it is videotaped by the son of the cleaning lady and posted on social media.

Option Number 4

A couple goes on a vacation by driving down to Florida. At first, they both want to save money and they show their cooperative spirit to achieve that goal. However soon they start to fight about the cost–what should be done and what should not be done. Eventually it evolves into a mutual torture. At a bar which they stumble into, a vivacious and tipsy girl invites the husband openly to dance with her and the wife launches herself onto the two, causing a drunken brawl. They were both thrown out of the bar, on an empty stomach. They have to drive away. Realizing that their spat is causing them all the headaches, they finally reconcile. Or the ending can be that the two start to fight in the car… I wonder which ending is better. What do you think?

Option Number 5

The battle of Christmas newsletters starts again in December for two training centers in Edison, New Jersey. They are old rivals, each trying to outdo the other in getting more customers and expanding its own programs. They offer various discounts, free seminars, home visits, emergency translation service. Some of the discounts are so deep that they cut into the bottom line of the business.

This December, one of the training centers comes up with a clever strategy to crush its competitor once for all. Will it succeed?

Option Number 6

A store owner is in perpetual battle with the building owner–a typical dispute between the renter and the landlord. It will be written in a series of email the store owner asks Lulan to draft for him to plea for a repair that is not being taken care of, the water pressure problem that’s never resolved, and the late payment penalty that is unfairly imposed.

However the landlord has her grievances too. The tenant is doing a lot of washing, taking advantage of the fact that the water is covered by the landlord. Also the tenant is cooking inside the store with an electric stove. And worst of all, sometimes the tenant sleep in the store at night.

24 thoughts on “Christmas Story Options

    1. Let me know what kind of ending you would enjoy. I have the options of the couple getting into a physical fight, the couple running into another couple who behaved exactly like them, which taught them a lesson etc.

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  1. These are all written with such a creative mind! I love how you combined things from two different worlds, my favourite is Option 2 – a great subtle hint of the issue of gender inequality!

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  2. WOW WOW THESE ARE ALLL SO DELIGHTFUL!!! Really cool. You never run out of ideas, you clever word sorceress! 😉 Yesss to all thr options. Would be such a shame to see any of these ideas not developed into stories. They’re ALL awesome!

    My most favourite one is option 1. Santa Haraboji haha. It was too funny. I vote for option 1.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you. Love your beautiful comments, always. Say yes to all of the options–that’s the spirit. And your heart warming message just made my day. Actually I am thinking of writing the option one today. What a coincident that I see your encouragement just at this very moment. Wow, telepathy runs wild.

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  3. You certainly do not have a problem finding ideas! My wife and I have lived a lifetime of Option 4 and we reconcile but clearly fighting in the car makes for a better and more realistic ending! I also vote for option 5.

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