Man And Woman (Flash Fiction #61)

This story is a sequel to “Cheetah vs Ostrich” of three days ago.

“Can you believe that he laughs when the two cheetahs devours the female ostrich?” Pammy says to her friends Armei and Lulu.

This is at a weekend picnic Pammy has organized for the three families. Their husbands and children are also present. When the meats, tofu, eggplants, and corns are grilled, they all gather at the picnic table. There are four or five tables under the shades in this section of the Johnson Park, where there are also tennis courts, an animal farm, and a long winding paved river walk. It used to be a very popular park, but due to the pandemic, the park looks rather abandoned.

“I didn’t laugh. I just chuckled. Stop twisting the story please.” Pammy’s husband Pan says.

Armei’s husband Arhu and Lulu’s husband Lai both supported Pan after hearing the story. Pammy is a little too neurotic, too imaginative, too insecure to plague Pan for that little chuckle of his. Pammy behaves like a dictator, who doesn’t allow Pan to have his free expression. That’s the general consensus among the three husbands, who consider Pammy’s action as a typical example of female persecution.

“Pammy, what do you think of female praying mantis eating her boyfriend alive? We men never protest that because we know that’s just nature.” Armei’s husband Arhu says.

“It’s not about cheetah or mantis’ behavior. It’s rather Pan’s chuckle.” Armei says, trying to defend Pammy.

“It’s not that women don’t like death. Women like death as much as men do. If the ostrich couple do a South Korean tragedy and in the end, they are dead brokenhearted. I would love it.” Lulu says.

“South Korean soup opera? That’s so long. I guess women just enjoy a slow death, which I think is even more painful.” Pan says.

12 thoughts on “Man And Woman (Flash Fiction #61)

  1. Wow she will just not let this go. I think a lot of people make the mistake of involving friends in their arguments instead of just talking it out between themselves. When you involve friends in an argument it turns into a fight for right and wrong instead of just solving the issue and not playing the blame game.

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