Man And Woman (Flash Fiction #61)

This story is a sequel to "Cheetah vs Ostrich" of three days ago. "Can you believe that he laughs when the two cheetahs devours the female ostrich?" Pammy says to her friends Armei and Lulu. This is at a weekend picnic Pammy has organized for the three families. Their husbands and children are also present. … Continue reading Man And Woman (Flash Fiction #61)

The Gift (Flash Fiction #60)

Image by Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay "What am I to do with this gift?" Ivy sighs when she stares at the plastic tree, which is about four feet tall with a base made of indeterminable material painted brown to look like a real flower pot. It was sent to her by one of her clients. … Continue reading The Gift (Flash Fiction #60)