New Word #68: Confusing Pairs

deliver vs. deliverance For the longest time, I thought deliverance is the noun form for deliver until one day I realized that it's a mistake. Deliver's noun form is delivery, not deliverance. The two words share similar bodies, but with different tails. Deliverance is not used very often thankfully, which explains why I didn't realize … Continue reading New Word #68: Confusing Pairs

Pammy’s Adventure (Flash Fiction #71)

Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay Pammy doesn't know how she comes to this part of the township. She's never been here before. Why did she choose this path? The trees are so thickly grown that it feels gloomy since the sun can't shine through. Or probably it is in the dusk of evening already. She … Continue reading Pammy’s Adventure (Flash Fiction #71)