Looking For New Ideas

I’ve decided that when I have no new ideas, I would stop staring into the air to wish that something would happen. Something would not happen just because I wish it to happen; ideas don’t show up just because I’m desperate. Instead I would do something new.

Buy a new pink colored mouse and mouse pad. This week, I bought them, just to boost my spirit for the weekend when I need to plan out all the posts for the new week. The two colors don’t match unfortunately, no matter how similar their colors are in Amazon pictures. Not that I blame my old mouse and old mouse pad for any of my writing mishaps–spelling mistakes, forgotten words, lack of transitions. I only blame my old self, who has already turned deaf for years towards my complaints about my old unsatisfactory self.

I have a friend who used to tell me that the little things in life will brighten up our day and I believe that. A nice picture, a quote, a memory. Suddenly our spirit is lifted and the tide of gloom recedes. And this is why I bought the new mouse and pad, just to cheer me up for a day or two. New accessories can do that–highlighters, bookmarks, pens, stickers, ribbons.

It’s the food. You are what you eat. I’ve heard the time tested phrase for ages and now I am who I am due to the food I’ve eaten and not eaten. I am going to try some new healthy food: carrot cake dessert hummus, lychee beer, and Korean ginseng tea. The lychee beer is especially good. The Italian owner of our local liquor store always makes sure he has alcohol products from Asia in stock. He has to do that since his store is right next to a huge Asian grocery store. When the grocery store was first opened several years ago, he was ultra friendly and tried to converse with the stream of new Asian customers coming to his store. To his disappointment, the Asians are rather reserved and are a little unaccustomed to his friendly ways. He soon lost interest in his greetings. Now he doesn’t even bother to lift his eyelids very much–whoever comes in.

Download a new software. I discovered Mass Image Compressor at sourceforge.net. It’s exactly what I need to shrink images to smaller sizes. I used to download OpenOffice from this site, which has worked well before I switched to MS word. This compressor is such a nice software. I can even adjust the size and the parameters to 90% or 80% or lower with the possibility of previewing each image. It’s much better than using the online service of tinypng.com, which gives unstable results and constantly asks for payment. Here is the link to this freeware.

Research and more research. I feel that I don’t know what I am doing. The same kind of bewilderment that baffled me years ago when I was searching for love. There’s no manual for researching about what to write; there’s no manual for love. A lot of advice come from others, but those are somebody else’s interests and experiences. In a way, we have to reinvent our own wheel if we want to find something suitable for ourselves. I am not so humorous that I can concentrate on writing about witty stuff; I am not so knowledgeable that I can teach something to others; I am not so artistic that I can create some haunting images memorable to people. The only things I have are from my life and experiences. I still haven’t figured out how to write a totally imaginative story that’s not based on my own life and people I met.

“Life is a quest.” We live to try something new until we die trying.

22 thoughts on “Looking For New Ideas

  1. I agree, little things to look forward to are definitely a plus. I love your pink mouse and pad, although the colors may not be what you expected, they sure do go together well. Interesting post, thanks for sharing.❀️

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