Capacity And Incapacity

I haven’t calculated anything for ages. Even the monthly budget and expenses are done by the spreadsheet automatically. Suddenly I find myself unable to calculate numbers. Actually very easy numbers. If 87% is reporting in Nevada, Biden has 627,104, Trump has 606,967 votes. What’s the total number of Nevada votes and the remaining uncounted votes? Among the remaining uncounted votes, what’s the maximum percentage number Trump could hit without overtaking Biden? It’s such an easy primary school math, I used to be able to do it without resorting to pen or paper or calculator. Now I can’t do it anymore. How come my mind is becoming so lazy? I have to force myself to do it, otherwise I will be worrying about my mental decline, early Alzheimer’s, or other mental incapacity that I am presently ignorant of but will be suffering from one day.

Long ago we calculated Centigrade from the Fahrenheit in the morning weather forecast every day. Well, other parts of the world use Centigrade and it took a while for us to get accustomed to Fahrenheit in America. That’s the technology dark age before smart phone came into existence. The gap of 32 between Centigrade and Fahrenheit is easy to do, but the 5/9 is a little troublesome since most of the numbers are not divisible by 9. At the time I thought it quite a nuisance to do the calculation like that. In the morning, when you rushed to get out of the door in case you were late for class, you could very easily miscalculate. The miscalculation meant you were going to wear something unsuitable for the temperature of the day. After six months, I got used to Fahrenheit and stopped my calculation. Now when I think about this, I realize that’s a very good mental exercise.

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