Comprehend A Little Bit More

Although I didn’t watch it on Tuesday night, I spent many hours watching last night, throwing aside other things I need to do. I really don’t understand why many swing states can’t finish counting their votes while all the non-swing states have no trouble at all to finish the counting on election night–except Alaska. These still-counting swing states are not the most populous–the shear number of votes can be too big to handle, like California or Texas; they are not the most urban, which probably make the counting not as easy although I don’t understand why. It seems the urban areas are always the last to report their numbers.

And none of the website or live streams I watched explain why the statistics and polling are so wrong. I guess the experts are a little ashamed to come out to own it and say: I made a mistake and this is why the number is way off. If I were one of them, I would be in hiding too. Or probably they are not in hiding, but instead are holding an emergency conference to propose new theories. Failures are opportunities for new publishable papers. They are more interested in their own little world than explaining to laymen in a comprehensible way. I did hear one passing explanation, probably from MSNBC but I can’t remember for sure which channel, that the Trump supporters don’t want to reveal their political leaning to pollsters. This explanation requires more explanations. I don’t understand it at all.

Please let it be over so that I don’t have to check the progress every half an hour. It’s a big distraction. I don’t understand why there are only two parties. Why not three or four or five parties, like those European countries, which gives nobody a majority and which has to be dealt with through coalitions and alliances? This is too confusing for me. How about read a simple book to make me feel good about myself that I understand all that’s happening and everything all that’s being said?

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