Comprehend The Incomprehensible

The electoral college is as as mysterious as American football to me. I can understand neither. It’s rules, its operations, its strategies–all mystery. I guess many immigrants are like me because the rest of the world don’t have the electoral college system except in those rare places and on rare occasions. The same happens to American football. The rest of the world play soccer. I have to say American football has more gears, outfits, colors, and fanfare than soccer, but that’s the limit of my knowledge.

I don’t understand this. This morning, I was shocked to see Wisconsin and Michigan’s results are so close. What happens to the 8% and 9% leads that the pre-election polling was projecting? It’s 2016 all over again. Is statistical sampling reliable? How is the polling usually done? Why isn’t there exit poll being used to project winner immediately this year? I guess these are all mysteries. Who design these polls? The statisticians or the political scientists?

I don’t understand those people who always want to drive faster on the road regardless of traffic, weather condition etc. I know I am in general an invisible nobody, but I have to tell you that when I drive in front of you, you have no choice but to see me. My visibility is guaranteed. There’s a big SUV staying very impatiently behind me. Such a big car of unknown brand and model. Very big and very shining. All these big cars these days but the road is not getting any wider and the parking lot not any bigger. Somehow the big cars always give the impression that they are more important, or having more urgent places to go, or having more things to accomplish. In reality they probably have none of these. The SUV is impatient even if I am driving above the speed limit by almost eight miles. I guess that’s not enough for him. I really want to shout at him, “How fast do you want to go? What kind of urgent things you want to do?” Probably he has nothing important to do. Or probably he has a party to go to. On a Wednesday night. There’s a pandemic going on, doesn’t he know? Does he want to get infected by a super spreader while drinking his beer with his week old face mask tucked in his pocket? I can just imagine him complaining to another beer drinker about me driving too slow and forcing him to miss two minutes of a forgettable conversation.

I stopped at the stores for my daily walk, without which I would worry about those unforeseeable ailments. With it, I am still worrying, but just worrying less. There’s a nice plush pillow on display with some Christmas motif, but this is what I don’t understand. Why don’t these plush pillows made of a pillow case plus a pillow? I fumbled on it and couldn’t find the zipper. So it is one piece. How can it be washed then? A humidifier loomed right next to it. I looked on all sides of the package, but can’t find the wattage number, from which I can calculate the electricity usage. No, there’s no such crucial information, only a lot of detailed instructions on how to use it.

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