A Witty Conservative–About A Book of Churchill’s Quotes

I wish it is longer. My favorite quote, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” “A woman is as old as she looks, a man is as old as he feels…”

Since I’ve never read any book of his or any book about him, I really don’t know much about him except him being a reverent political figure. Just through these quotes, I feel that he is very conservative. It’s beyond my understanding how he could switch, for a while at least, from the conservative party to the liberal party.

What I would really like to read are quotes from somebody as witty as him, as experienced as him in various sections of the government, but with a liberal, gregarious, inspiring view. Not those liberal views that are obviously impractical and crowd pleasing, but those liberal views that are practical, feasible, or even unpleasant. Some views can be unpleasant but still inspiring. There must be some. Let me think…

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