Logic or No Logic

Reading Girl Logic: The Genius and the Absurdity by Iliza Shlesinger

I especially like the beginning portion of the book where the author pointed out the contradicting expectations the society put on women. More so right now than in the past. I really laughed hard, but I don’t want to spoil it for anybody. However the later part of the book that I can’t really relate since I am older than the author and haven’t had a career which requires me to show my face in front of an audience. So I don’t really care much about the makeup and outfit part of the book. The last portion of the book is about dating and how to judge if the man you are dating is good for you. It’s an interesting topic and warrant all the intelligence and eloquence. I totally agree with the author that we want to understand, predict, and evaluate as much as possible. Still, no matter how much we plan and how much we judge, life turns out to be something different. People are not as consistent as we would like them to be. Living itself is a risk.

It will be even a better book if the author writes this as a memoir of her love life or her career. I would really love to read it and probably she will publish a book like that someday. Taking advice on love is like taking classes in school. When one starts to work, one understands that most of one learns in school just cannot be applied to the real world. That’s the same about taking advice on love. No matter how much advice one listens to, when it comes to a real situation, a lot just cannot be applied. One has to improvise; one has to go beyond and often go against one’s judgement–especially in love.

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