Little Women

I know this book is an American classic, but I have never got around to read it. Then I binge watched several seasons of “Friends”, in which Joey read the book, and Rachel forced a couple of spoilers on him. I thought of reading it at the time, but then I didn’t, because I didn’t quite believe Joey is a book reader, let alone a book reader of women’s books.

Now many years later, I read it for the first time and I really like it. I had chances to watch TV series and movies based on this book, but I refrained from doing it, knowing that once I watch the movie and know the plot, I wouldn’t want to read the book. This happened to me many times for Charles Dickens books. I could have read the books, but I watched too many TV series and movies based on his books that I’ve never felt the motivation to read his books.

I like Laurie a lot and is quite sad to see Jo only likes him as a brother. Then Mr. Bhaer is really an unexciting figure and it is hard to feel happy when Jo gives up Laurie for Bhaer. I wonder how Bhaer can be more exciting–probably more intellectual, more radical, more temperamental. Well, Jo wouldn’t like anybody too temperamental. So Bhaer seems the right match, though a disappointing one. In later chapters, it seems that Amy and Laurie become the main focus of the book and Jo just fades away. That’s really unfortunate since I like Jo so much and wish that she have more interesting life, not necessarily a rich life, but nonetheless interesting, varied, philosophical. I want to see Jo, in giving up Laurie, finds somebody better in looks and thoughts. But here I probably complete mistake the main point of the book, which is trying to tell us that man is not the focus of a woman’s life. Jo is having a very boring kind of love life and a very unexciting life companion like Bhaer, but Jo is always my favorite gal. And this 2019 movie, which I haven’t watched except several snippets of it from youtube, will be my favorite, whenever I watch it

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