Listless Sunday

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It’s Sunday again and I don’t have anything to write about. I am listening to “A Carnival of Snackery” while cooking, but I don’t feel I like this book as the author’s previous books. He was very interesting and entertaining when he was struggling to make a living as a writer. I bought almost all his books, but I only like the books about his early days.

After that, I tried to read “What We All Long For” by Dionne Brand, which has wonderful descriptions of four young people, all 2nd generation immigrants. However the lack of plot makes it hard to get absorbed into it. Or probably the writing style doesn’t really cater to a reader’s interest or preference. Professor Brand is too independent and too indifferent to care about capitalism or the sales figures of her book.

I watched some Asian news on YouTube and one of the news is about the tragedy of an Asian family living in California. The couple fought a lot and wanted a divorce. However after several months’ separation, the parents of the couple tried to persuade the two back together. The couple were persuaded and they were back together, but not for long. One day, their conflict exploded into murderous rage and the wife’s parents, who came to America to visit the couple, were shot to death.

A lot of people tend to think that family conflicts can be swept under the carpet, but unfortunately sometimes it is not the case. And modern women, especially young women nowadays, don’t want to be as silent as their mothers or grandmothers, which is why it is increasingly more difficult to sweep the conflict under the carpet and pretend it is not there.

I don’t have anything to write for Sunday…

21 thoughts on “Listless Sunday

    1. Yes, I think young people are more honest about the conflicts and perils in a relationship while the older generations still think there’s a perfect goal that people have to torture themselves to fit into.

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  1. Yes, the newer generations are ready to speak out in their relationships and marriages and are no longer afraid of the men in their lives. It’s very sad that this happened and it ended in death. Sometimes it’s best that people separate instead of something tragic like this happening.

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    1. Yes, the older generation has an unrealistic view of “perfect” marriage and society, which doesn’t really exist and which only exists in their imagination. The younger generation is more honest about what they really are…

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        1. Oh, my goodness. I have to tell my relatives the same concept all the time. My narcissistic relatives still believe in “perfect” marriage even if their own version is crazy, suicidal, conflicted, bitter, emotionally ruinous .

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        2. Most people of the older generation (or even the middle aged generation) think that even if one dislikes the system, one has to perform the “duty” of conformity, like marrying without love or without enjoyment. Then one (mostly women since men can find entertainment elsewhere) just makes the best of the situation. However this kind of arrangement will cause bitter fights later on and will cause emotional damage to children down the road.

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        3. I think I have observed this in older and my generation of middle-aged people. Even if people are miserable and bullied by the system, they have still gained benefits from it. They are afraid that a little change (sometimes any change at all) might deprive them of those benefits they have gained from it. It is very sad to see how people fight sooo hard to defend a system they don’t really like and fight sooo hard to retain such paltry amount of benefits. Haha, most of my relatives’ marriages fall into this category. My mother was even a well known matchmaker in the neighborhood. How ridiculous.

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        4. Same, most of the people I know fall into that category. The sad part is that if they accepted reality there could be actual positive changes made in society.

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  2. This was a lot of info. Input on the books which tend to be true, many writers tend to be more creative on their struggling days. The muderous asian story really got me. We live in different times.

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