Finally I Find Something It Can Do

Image by Free Photos from Pixabay

I am still waiting for the AI that can make videos for you on command. It is said you can just give commands, like make a spring themed video with birds, trees, and flowers, upon which there will be soothing music and this 10-line practice poem I wrote to complain about my boring life. And the AI will receive this command and make a video for you automatically. I have always wanted to make poem videos, but I don’t have the time to learn how to make a video or shoot a picture. Anyway, if AI can do it, that will save me a lot of trouble. However so far I haven’t found an app or a software that can do it. I only heard about it. Some say it could be done.

So far, I haven’t found that AI can help me with anything yet. It can’t even help my language learning since it makes several mistakes last time I tried it. I admit that it was a tricky sentence, for which native speakers usually speak in one way and Google Translation says something else. AI was tricked by me. It went with something different from Google Translation, but it didn’t produce the sentence native speakers would tend to use. So it doesn’t help the language learning since I just don’t know how authentic AI is when it comes to languages. Probably with English or Spanish, it is good, but with other languages, it probably isn’t.

Then I tried to help a student with her resume. And suddenly I thought of using ChatGPT. Why not? So I dumped all the jumbled, piecemeal information about the student into it, and one minute later, it produced a well formated resume for me. It is quite amazing. And it also added some generic description. I still had to copy and paste it into a word file to clean everything up and adjust several things, but they are all minor issues. I was very happy with it. This is the first thing AI did for me.

13 thoughts on “Finally I Find Something It Can Do

    1. Yes, it can help you with your job descriptions. You can just throw in a jumbled mess and it will sort out for you. You can just say you worked in certain place and give a few descriptions, chatGPT will do the work for you. It is quite a good resume maker.

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