I Made A Good Comparison

Image by JAGADEESH S from Pixabay

I’ve never come up with one good metaphor ever. I always want to but I have never achieved that. However, I made a beautiful comparison today and inspired somebody unexpectedly. I felt very good about myself. I wish I can do this every day.

What happened was that I was talking with M, who asked me why so many people around us use English every day, but their level of language is stuck in a certain point.

“I mean we can understand the daily stuff and everyday conversation, but whenever something more complicated comes around, we don’t understand and often get confused.” M said.

“Yes, I think so. I think most of us are stuck in B1 or B2 level.” I said.

Of course we are talking about the Asian immigrant community here, where a lot of people use English and work with English every day. It is generally acknowledged that a foreign language has 6 levels: A1, A2 as the beginner level, B1, B2 as the intermediate level, and C1, C2 as the advanced level.

“Is it because most people can get by with B1 or B2 level? And that’s where they stop improving, right? You know I used to watch sitcom like ‘Friends’, but I watched every episode of ‘Friends’ in English and still my English showed no improvement.” She said.

“You only need to watch videos for half an hour a day and you will improve to C2 level in two years. No grammar. No vocabulary. No need to stress yourself out. Let the language come to you and it will come.” I said.

“Really? I want to believe you but I don’t quite believe you.” She said.

Ten years ago, she did try to improve, but then she couldn’t bear the burden of memorizing words and working out the grammar rules. Also ‘Friends’ didn’t help. So she gave up eventually.

“‘Friends’ were too easy for you. OK. Here is what you want to do: Find a video that you understand 90%. It is not so easy that you feel no pressure; it is not so difficult that you feel a serious struggle. It is like doing exercise. You don’t want to do the easy exercise that put no stress on your muscle, but you also don’t want to do something too difficult that your muscles are too strained. You want to have a balance.” I said.

“Oh, when you talk about exercise, I can understand. Like when you do a stretch, you just have to come to the sweet spot of being strained but not being too strained. You really inspired me. I am going home right now to try it.” She said.

“You telling me you are inspired really inspired me too. I didn’t know it was such a good comparison. I’ve never made a good comparison like this before.” I said.

Unexpectedly, she made me feel so good and I made her feel so good.

15 thoughts on “I Made A Good Comparison

  1. Oh, it’s great to hear your more positive mood. 🤗🌹 (I follow a blog from someone in South Korea and she writes in Korean, French and English! I love it because I have a little French and it stretches me; the Korean is fascinating but too big a step for my old brain!) 🤗🌹🙋‍♂️

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