The Talented Rabbit

Image by Silvo Bilinski from Pixabay

One of my friends just told me that this year is not only a year of rabbit, but also a year of black rabbit, which symbolizes creativity, talent and authenticity. I really didn’t know about it–it is said that every sixty years, the black rabbit will descend on earth to offer people not only the prosperity the traditional rabbit would bring, but also the innovativeness and imagination. There must be a beautiful Asian myth connected to it that I didn’t know about. By the way, this is the only black rabbit picture I could find and it is obviously not for the lunar new year.

And your black rabbit highness, please descend on my home and give me some talent and creativity. I really need it right now since I have nothing to write about tonight. I tried to write several haiku yesterday, and they turned out to be awful. And the whole day yesterday, I toiled and whined on an issue, only to realize at the end of the day that I was barking at the wrong tree. I was too eager to jump into the problem without paying attention to the organizational structure related with the problem. The result was that my planned strategy was completely defeated by reality. Hindsight is 20/20–I should have known better, but I didn’t.

Having nothing to write about, I opened my kindle reader and randomly came to a passage about immigrants trying to fit in:

The queer hunger of immigrants and their immediate descendants for true Americanism has yet to be described. It may be made to sound like fun but I find it hard to think of anyone who underwent the process with joy. Those incompetents who lacked mimetic talent and were pure buffoons were better off… In my generation there were those immigrants who copied even the unhappiness of the Protestant majority, embracing its miseries, battling against Mom; reluctant, after work, to board the suburban train, drinking downtown, drinking on the club car, being handed down drunk to the wife like good Americans.

I don’t know how accurate this description is. Anyway, this was published in 1950s. I don’t prefer old books, but I am an avid discount girl who rarely pays for the full price of a book. The result is that I hardly get to read any new books, unless it is on sale with a good price cut.

Well, let me recount those instances when I was a buffoon. Years ago, I was quite eager to practice my English. Now I think of it, I must be insufferable in those days and very clownish as well.

Also I am lactose intolerant, but in those early days, I ate pizza and ice cream. Why did I do that? What did I try to prove? I was such a fraud.

And there were numerous instances of watching a popular movie or reading a popular book for which I expressed my forced admiration but in reality I didn’t like it at all. I was afraid that other people might consider me an ignorant immigrant who had no taste.

Well, I still don’t have anything to write about today. Black rabbit, pray give me some inspirations!!!

26 thoughts on “The Talented Rabbit

    1. Yes, may the black rabbit give us the talent and the fluidity. Yes, fitting in is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. The problem is one can never get rid of the feeling of fraud if one succeeds, and one looks like a clown if one doesn’t succeed.

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  1. I read a lot about immigrants during this time period on a specific course I took and it seems that much of it is still relatable for immigrants. I hope the rabbit blesses you a lot this year and you get a lot of writing done.

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    1. Yes, and I wish there are more to be written about immigrants since even if those people who are not immigrants, they can be at one time at another living in a situation from which they are alienated. It is a common human condition and I wish more can be written about it…

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    1. Wow, you are really a rare creature indeed. And may you be happy and prosperous in this black rabbit year. And I am sure you will be and you will also help a lot of people in your community as well to live a better life.

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  2. A fascinating concept behind the idea of the black rabbit in terms of symbolism and creativity. Truly thought, old books are not necessarily bad books and there is often the opportunity to discover thought provoking quotes, such as you shared. 🙂

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  3. I did not know this about the black rabbit. What an interesting belief. Beautiful really. I think it is we Americans that could learn from the immigrants. Thank you for sharing this story. I appreciate your words. Unlike American families, I like the closeness many countries have with their families. Hugs and love, Joni

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    1. Haha, we all learn from each other. Hmm, I admire Americans’ independent spirit. Wish we can all be with people we really love and respect and enjoy being together. I hope people who don’t love each other can have the opportunity to separate–and in many communities they still cannot, especially for women…

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      1. I know this is so true my dear friend. People should respect each other’s views unless their violent at least. Yes, we do have an independent spirit but sometimes people have to go and hurt others too far. Women are always going to be the ones who are last to be treated as equals. That was true in the US too. We should be paid the same as men for the same job, and treated with respect. We are still not where we should be but we have come a long way. A woman Vice President, and one of color, is a blessing come true. That certainly makes me smile and it opens the doors for so many other brilliant women. Bless you and many hugs, Joni

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  4. Great post even though you had “nothing to write about”. Lovely story about the black rabbit year (and very cute pic). I can imagine the desire to fit in as an immigrant. Especially if you are young. I guess, as one gets older one cares less about what other people might think …

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    1. Yes, when I was young, I was so eager to fit in that I was practically a miserable clown since I had no talent for mimicking. LOL. Now I have changed completely. How our view and our behavior change over the years. We are almost different people…

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