Praying For Rain

Image by Gosia K. from Pixabay

Finally the rain came today after more than two months of absence, after TV weathermen or weatherwomen talking, predicting, praying, and begging for some relief from the high temperature and the dry spell that have scorched all the vegetation around here. It’s typical for a summer in this region but not typical when it extends for weeks and weeks with no end.

The long anticipated dark cloud arrived this morning, hanging for a whole day without shedding one drop of water until late afternoon. Then suddenly it started, half an hour of raging downpour and fierce wind as if the sky was falling. Soon it’s gone, all cleared. Even the sun came out smiling for a while before leaving behind a beautiful sunset.

This year is quite unusual with almost no rain for the entire summer, starting from mid June. Not even a stray shower or isolated thunderstorm. Nothing. There have been plenty of clouds in the sky, but only for decoration, not for alleviating the earth dried and desiccated underneath. Last year or the years before that, we had at least one or two showers each week. They were ferocious at times, but quick to clear up. This is why this year, everybody was surprised by the summer drought.

The Atlantic hurricane season is usually the annoyance of summer and fall, but people’s attitude has changed this year. The TV weatherman couldn’t stop talking about it, staring at the deep blue water on the big map between Caribbean and West Africa, as if to beg for an eye or eye wall of a hurricane rising from the tropical water, but there’s very little sign for a hurricane this year, not even a tropical depression in existence. One day, the TV weatherman got so desperate that he started to point to the Atlantic Ocean in the tropical area and moved his fingers in circles to mimic a little baby hurricane cloud there. Then he wanted the audience to imagine it. “Something could happen here. And something happened here before and will happen again.” He said in a hopeful tone.

The problem is when it rains, it’s a deluge. I still remember last year’s big storm in August or September. I know L who just opened his new store for a week or two in Jersey City, then the storm came, dumping a foot of water into the basement of his store. He felt lucky that he had not piled his supplies into the basement yet. Not so lucky were those in New York City’s basement apartments. Thirteen were dead, drown inside–the water came down too quickly and too forcefully that they couldn’t open the door to escape the death trap. Most of the dead are immigrants and half of them are Asians.

Now I am going to go watching some videos of people gorging themselves in a buffet restaurant with unbelievable amount of food. I can’t believe people still indulge themselves in gluttony and overeating in the era of inflation and food shortage. And I can’t believe myself still wanting to watch those videos. Why? I can’t explain. I don’t even understand my own taste.

27 thoughts on “Praying For Rain

  1. Glad there was finally some rain but hopefully there are no storms this time. I watch those videos on YT too even though I find it sad that people indulge in gluttony like that when there are people starving all around the world. Something about it fascinates me and I have no idea why.

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    1. I mean with the energy crisis and the drought and everything, food will only become more expensive. I remember those movies or TVs about the era before or right after WWII, there were rice riots because people couldn’t afford rice. Then after 1980s, rice riots seem to have stopped and I thought it’s something belonging to the past, something the modern society has finally solved…

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      1. I remember learning that during and right after the Korean War, some people in S.Korean were so poor they would beg for rice door to door because of rice shortages and price hikes.

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        1. So true. I totally agree with you. I read a book with a chapter on that. The South Korean rice was a big problem after WWII. During the war, rice was rationed by the Japanese. After WWII, when the rice ration was stopped, rice merchants saw a chance of making more profits by hiking the price, not realizing that rice is like water for Asian people. It cannot be treated as a commodity entirely. It would cause riots and turmoils when it is not available.

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        1. Yes, whenever there’s no rice, a rice riot will come. And I am just a little curious that I haven’t heard about bread riot… Wait, probably the French Revolution was a big bread riot.

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        2. To be fair it was a solution just not a very good one. It’s funny how rich people say these things unironically. She just thought well there’s no bread so why not cake?

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        3. Yes, people only live in their own very narrow circle and don’t know what’s going on elsewhere. I mean even men and women. A lot of times men can’t understand women and vice versus.

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  2. We had a long wait for rain here in the UK too but I think your situation in the USA is always going to be more extreme because you have a more continental climate. Still, the problem here is that we are not used to it and therefore not geared up for it. The water companies have simply not been investing in the necessary infrastructure.

    We sometimes get the tail end of your hurricanes, but by the time they reach this side of the Atlantic they are just a desultory bit of wind and rain.

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    1. Yes, I watched videos of the summer heat in UK, which has passed now I guess. It is a strange year 2022. I mean the big drought for many places after inflation, energy crisis and the pandemic.
      Really? Hurricanes go all the way across the Atlantic? I guess that is the logical consequence of it, but I never thought of that. My mind is restricted to the map on TV here with Nova Scotia of Canada as the east most point of the world.


  3. Your last paragraph is as riveting for me as the gluttony videos are for you. You have a wonderful way with words and part of the delight is that you do not even seem to fully recognize your authentic talent. You give the impression that your words are arranged accidentally. And if they are not, that would be a talent too.

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    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment. Your encouragement is what I need right now. I don’t know if I have talent or not, but I like it very much when you say I do. LOL.


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