On My Way

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On My Way To Be A Vegan

Just as I thought I am almost a vegan, I realized that I am still using packaged chicken stocks since vegetable stocks don’t have the same kind of taste. Also I still can’t resist Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, to which I’ve been addicted for a long time. These are on top of the fact that I still have to eat Trader Joe’s chicken cilantro mini wontons once a week.

I guess I just can’t completely get rid of the animal product in my diet. Since I am not qualified to be a vegan, last weekend at the supermarket, I picked up a dozen eggs, which I hadn’t consumed for more than a month. Oh, heck. Since I can’t reach my vegan goal, I might as well enjoy some real eggs.

On My Way To Be A Good Time Manager

I am really bad at managing my time. And I have always tried to make excuses for my lack of skills in this direction–“I live in the moment” or “I do whatever I like to do”. They are just excuses since I am not the kind of person who follows one’s impulses. I wish I were, but I know I am not.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been busy designing a plot that weaves my family dynamic into an immigrant story–a long story. I have really wracked my mind. And last night, it finally took some shapes that were not as inadequate as before. This is why I was absent from WP for a while since I just didn’t have the time. Now I realize that I really have to improve my time management skills, or time squeezing skills. If not, I will never be able to take care of the things I want to take care. I don’t know how I am going to do it though… Life has all these problems, which have no solutions.

On My Way To Explain To My Friend

My friend L is a very good kind of gal, and often she has a good amount of common sense. However she refuses to understand or believe things that she has not encountered herself. For example, I have tried for at least the last two years to explain to her the narcissists I grew up with. I watched many videos about narcissism, which explains so accurately what I experienced. Actually I think for many years, I was almost an unwitting helper to the two narcissists to spread their self aggrandizing opinions–now I feel very guilty about this. Why was I so gullible? I wish I had watched these videos sooner.

However L refuses to believe me. She has very loving parents, which is why she cannot imagine other parents do not behave the same. I will continue to try different ways to convince her. Well, either she is very stubborn or I am very unbelievable. I tend to think it is the former.

On My Way To A Better Understanding

There’s a story in “My Life On The Road” by Gloria Steinem. Decades ago, she and her friend were taking a taxi in New York City. The two of them just assumed that the taxi driver didn’t know better and had unenlightened ideas of the world. However once they started to chat with the driver, he gave them a very big surprise. He was very well informed, full of sympathy to people who want to be outspoken.

I feel that I make this kind of mistake all the time. I just assume that people don’t like my accent, which is why I tend to be quiet. However this is really just an assumption. Some people probably don’t mind. Trying to speak more will make me less regretful afterwards. “Why didn’t I say something?” I often said to myself at night when remembering the day’s event.

8 thoughts on “On My Way

  1. I’ve never attempted being vegan, but was vegetarian for a couple of years, and animal products can certainly be hard to avoid. For instance, I was taking a fairly common supplement (I forgot which), and it had bovine gelatin in it. But like one of your other commenters said, it’s better to be on your way than to stay still, so you’re definitely doing great work!


  2. It’s good to be on your way than staying in one place.

    Don’t beat yourself up about the narcissistic people. They are masters at manipulation and have had a lot of practice with it. I know because I have been in that situation too many times before.


  3. You are already on a very good way with everything! If you enjoy chicken noodles and eggs … why refuse yourself those pleasures? Life is too short to constantly deny oneself the things one enjoys.
    I’m more of a listener myself and prefer one on one conversations to large groups. Certainly not the one entertaining everyone, which is why I would be a very bad sales person 🤣.
    Keep going and just enjoy what you are doing!


  4. Good luck with going vegan- I think certain brands offer vegan “chicken” stock which may be a better option for you. I have seen some of the vegan YouTubers I follow use them and they said it’s very similar to real chicken stock.
    I had a friend who was similar and found it hard to believe that things she has not witnessed exist which I usually found strange but I guess some people are just like that.


  5. That must have been very difficult because your parents are your whole world when you’re a child. You don’t have any way of knowing that their behaviour isn’t normal. If I look up “narcissistic personality disorder” I find that it is treated as an illness that can be “cured”. It makes me wonder where you draw the line between the so-called bad and the so-called mad. I’d imagine the narcissistic person would be the last person to seek treatment, by the very nature of their condition.

    I too have been distracted recently – but in my case I’ve been tweaking things I’ve already written. At least you have been working on a *new* project!


  6. The more you talk to others, or in groups, the easier it becomes. I’m very quiet by nature, but due to all the public speaking, presentations, negotiations and training that I have had to do in the last 27 years, changed all that. The only time I don’t speak now is when I hear something that’s quite ridculous and so I just keep observing (I try not to fall asleep as I tend to snore 😂).

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