It’s Friday

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From Wikipedia, it is said that the fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia–Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen. What is a Norse goddess? I don’t know. I am curious but not curious enough to take the trouble to look it up.

The 80-degree morning promises another scorcher–almost 100 degrees by noon. What can one expect for a Friday falling on the 13th? If it turns out to be a lackluster 24 hours, I will consider myself lucky and give myself an imaginary medal. However I know the day will not go smoothly without a glitch. The sun seems more tyrannical than usual–if one lingers in the parking lot for one more minute, one may get a heat stroke. It begs the question why the summer sun cannot kill the coronavirus. Or failing that, at least slow the spread of it. If anything, the summer so far has fueled the virus surge.

All the daily annoyances come to me, more aggravating than usual. It’s the festival of annoyances. There’s only one Friday the 13th in 2021 and all the annoying spirits come out of woodwork to play and plague to their hearts’ content.

The Dream

I wake up with an early morning dream that my mother insists on living with me so that she can continue to practice her wicked art of criticizing me. She died of a traffic accident when I was in college. However I just know death will not be an obstacle to her–her ghost comes back at least once a year to remind me of her presence. My parents belong to those people who have zero interest in child rearing. In an ideal society, this kind of people should not have children, but in our non-ideal world, they all have children.

The Computer

The computer is acting up–the response time to mouse clicks stretches from five seconds to a minute. Once it reaches the threshold of a minute, I know it is eternity. I have no choice but to restart it, not once, not twice, but three times. Are you happy, the Friday monster? Can you be placated? Do you want a digital shrine built for you and a digital sacrifice?

The Translation

I am translating for a business owner that the signage for the waterfront business he’s about to open is a serious business for the township. There are specific application, specific requirements, specific prototype in the form of the signage of his neighboring shops. He just doesn’t understand, or he pretends that he doesn’t understand. He’s had several other businesses, but none of them suffers under such a demand.

“Are they waterfront? No. Are they in this township? No.” I try to explain to him.

The Language

I never know if “the” should be added to a name. None of the native speakers I know can explain to me when and where “the” is needed. It’s almost like a six sense to them that they just know when to add “the” and when not to.

“You know, both ‘University of Chicago’ and ‘University of California’ have ‘the’ in front.” He says.

“I don’t believe it. That’s not true.” I am really surprised. “I won’t believe it even if Google says so.”

The Memory

I’ve been taking vitamin pills ‘Focus Factor’ to enhance my memory, but to no avail. My memory is still getting worse. And of course today is the worst day for my memory–I can’t find my scissors and can’t remember the last time I saw it.

I’ve been taking up Thai and revisiting those Spanish verbs I haven’t visited for years, just to show myself that my memory is still functioning.

35 thoughts on “It’s Friday

    1. Wish I can put a funny spin on my mother since she is quite a delusional character. She is the first person to show me that the world is mad and life is ridiculous, using herself as an example. I should write a book about her. LOL. Yes, we all grow up as normal human beings despite everything.

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        1. Dear Terveen, thank you. Since you know I’m not a most organized person and often rush to do this and that. Time management is never my thing. I think I have a love story between two young people in Edison township here. Quite positive and none of the darkness in my usual posts–probably still a little bit. I hope I can submit it to you before this weekend. Thank you for thinking of me and all the best.

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  1. Norse refers to the older, pre-Christian Scandinavian cultures in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Iceland might be a part of that as well. You might know them as Vikings. Norse mythology is very similar to modern fantasy with elves, giants, and dragons. The Marvel superhero Thor and his brother Loki come from that culture.

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    1. Never know any of their stories except Hamlet, but that is English really. Wish I have read more varied genres, but I am stuck with the categories that I have always been reading. LOL. Thank you for the advice.

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    1. Children is a life changing factor and many people have hard time adjusting. The only solution will be AI. Please stop making drones to spy on people, but instead making more child rearing robots that are more loving than human beings.


  2. I have known about afraid of 13th date …here believe good day on friday and we worship our gods on friday … friday is auspicious day in my state 🤩🌹 ofcourse some countries have different philosophy hayondo 🌹🌷

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    1. I totally agree. Friday is the best day of a week with the weekend to look forward to and the whole week’s work almost done. It is a source for celebration. I don’t know where the fear of Friday 13th originated, but it was considered a bad luck somehow.

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  3. My grandfather was really afraid of the number thirteen although I’m not sure why. I always thought that was more of a Western superstition. I had an okay Friday the 13th although some annoying things did happen but to be fair those happen on other dates too lol.

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      1. Apparently it has to do with Christianity and the 13 apostles/disciples. If I’m not wrong the thirteenth one was Judas who betray Jesus. I don’t know much about Christianity so I may be way off but that’s what I’ve heard.

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        1. Wow, you learned so much from your history class. I really envy you. I didn’t learn much at all in my high school history class–it’s all memorization and propaganda. I read a little bit myself about history but always want to know more.

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        2. I didn’t learn too much in high school either most of what I learnt is at university. I feel like high school isn’t great at teaching most subjects unfortunately.

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  4. Fear of numeric 13?? Totally new but the fear of Friday as you mentioned and other things in the post are coincidences it really hurts to hear the stuff of your dream there but I do agree there are such parents too in the society. Be blessed n take care. And memory loss I can relate to my self 😌 happening earlier than before due to this technological torcher that we live in today. Happy weekend. 🥰

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  5. Hope you’re able to get through today more smoothly! I agree with you that the people who shouldn’t have kids are the ones that tend to reproduce lol

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