New Word #49: Related With Body

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

These are phrases commonly used. I think I didn’t include phrases with “ears” since I can’t think of any other than “I’m all ears” to indicate I’m interested in listening. If you have any phrases you want to add, please leave me a comment.


facelift: a procedure carried out to improve the appearance of something.

face to face: (of a situation) characterized by having those involved close together and facing each other. My understanding is that zoom meeting, although with video images, doesn’t count as a face to face meeting, but I am waiting to be corrected. What do you think?

thick skinned: insensitive to criticism or insults.


nosy: showing too much curiosity about other people’s affairs.

nosedive: a steep downward plunge by an aircraft.

turn up one’s nose: To show contemptuous or haughty disdain, distaste, or disregard for someone or something.


eyewitness: a person who has personally seen something happen and so can give a first-hand description of it.

keep your eyes peeled: be on the alert; watch carefully or vigilantly for something.

keep an eye out for: look out for something with particular attention.

eye contact: the act of looking directly into one another’s eyes.

turn a blind eye: pretend not to notice.

eye opening: (of an event or situation) unexpectedly enlightening.


get out of hand: to become difficult to control

give me a hand: to give someone help

first hand: coming from the original source or personal experience; gained or learned directly.

second hand: buying or selling things that have already been owned or used

wash your hands of: to say or show that you do not want to be involved with someone or something and that you are not responsible for them

hand-me-down: a garment or other item that has been passed on from another person.

change hands: (of a business or building) pass to a different owner.


fingers crossed: used for saying you hope something goes well

finger pointing: actions or words that bring attention to a particular person or issue.

wrap around one’s little finger: to have complete control over (someone)

finger in every pie: to have an interest in or be involved in everything

finger licking: tasty; delicious.

put my finger on: identify something exactly.


get your feet wet: to do something in a slow and simple way in order to become more familiar with it

cold feet: A loss or lack of courage or confidence; an onset of uncertainty or fear

stand on your own feet: to support oneself without help from other people

sweep someone off their feet: to make (someone) suddenly become very attracted to one in a romantic way

hand and foot: to provide everything that someone needs or wants

foot in one’s mouth: to say something foolish, embarrassing, or tactless

foot the bill: pay the bill for something, typically when the amount is considered large or unreasonable.

in somebody’s shoes: in someone’s place or stead


toe the line: accept the authority, principles, or policies of a particular group, especially under pressure.

head to toe: completely; over one’s full body.

on one’s toes: alert, ready to act

23 thoughts on “New Word #49: Related With Body

    1. LOL. I have often wondered how many people can pull this off. One has to have a gymnast’s flexibility in order to do it. Babies do that all the time, but for adults it is hard. This is why the phrase is fascinating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like where you’ve taken this. I guess as we grow we lose our physical flexibility and the mental rigidity increases. Haha.
        This saying probably tries to cater to both but is lost in between somewhere.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. When I was young and the adults wanted to talk about something which we children shouldn’t hear they’d say, “We can’t discuss that right now. There’s too many ears in the cornfield.”

    Liked by 2 people

        1. I can still remember the cat I used to have. He would eyeball me with dismay, as if to say, “Look at the junk you give me today. Where is Wegman’s organic turkey breast I ate yesterday? No more?”


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