Quotes Of The Day #5

George Orwell’s essays often point out our foibles and failings without pessimism or cynicism or anger. I love his optimism and his fighting spirit. Often I feel that each of his essays can be extended into a book, and a lot of nuances and details can be elaborated even further. I wish Audible can make all his essays into audiobooks so that busy people can listen to it while doing chores.

20 thoughts on “Quotes Of The Day #5

    1. Yes, I do see your love for Vonnegut. LOL. That’s wonderful when your heart echoes with somebody’s work. I didn’t like “1984” at all and my dislike made me stay away from Orwell for ten years. Then I encountered his essays and they are wonderful. With very plain language, he talks about social and political issues in straightforward yet nuanced ways. He goes head on with those different shades to a specific issue, never satisfying with simplified ways, never going for popularity.

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    1. Yes, and he has so many wonderful essays which are not well known, which should be well known, which are so suitable to the contemporary political climate of fighting for justice and equality.

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  1. Humans don’t care much about work unless it’s profitable. A homemaker is one such example. They look after everything, do all the chores but since they’re not making any profit it’s not considered work.
    The way he observed society is truly unique. Even after so many years, things haven’t changed much.

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    1. That’s so true. I know a lady whose health is ruined from the stress of taking care of 4 children and a house. She is never paid a penny for her labor. At one point she’s so depressed that she had to read philosophy to keep herself from going crazy. Then she told me that most of the philosophers are crazy.

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        1. LOL. So true. Working women are usually burning their candles at both ends. This is why most Japanese women do not want to get married. Life is hard on women and this is why we have to learn to deal with it the best we can.

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    1. Yes, you are right. I didn’t read the second half and don’t know the ending. I imagined they will all die of a violent death, eaten by mad dogs unleashed by the “Big Brother” after getting their brain washed by the “Thought Police”. I just couldn’t go on reading. Now you think it is interesting, and I might want to revisit it. LOL.

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