21 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day

  1. For me, buying a chocolate flavour biscuit packet of price 10 Rs. is worthy than synth else. The possibility to get it is very high, it gives me so much satisfaction.

    Do you have something favourite like that?


    1. Yes. Sometimes nostalgia and memories plague me so hard that I have to do exercise or listen to music just to get away. I don’t like music or exercise. LOL. Yes, live in the present and forget about the past.

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    1. Yes, I just can’t decide if we should enjoy in the possibilities or we should fret about it. LOL. Still future possibilities are definitely important and essential to our existence. Without it, we can’t exist as a living, breathing, loving, rationalizing human being.

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      1. It’s just about ‘in the moment’ i guess…you are just carefree when you want to,you think a lot when you want/need to or you simply regret when you want to give your time in past again….
        Every emotion is just totally fine and worthy…
        Enjoy THE MOMENT ,who cares if its gone,now or coming 🙃

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        1. So true. Moments and experiences are what we live for and what we cherish. LOL. Now the spring has come and relishing each moment becomes even more worthy. Thank you for commenting.


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