March Madness–Everybody Is A Little Mad

I know M whose exercise routine is too intense for her body type, to the point that it’s almost self damaging. Needless to say, after years of “abuse”, her body caves in. Now she has damaged her knees, which require physical therapy. I warned her many times in the past ten years, but she wouldn’t listen. Isn’t she a little mad?

I know T who would go to see a doctor for the smallest discomfort, and take prescription drugs for negligible indispositions. I don’t want to be the self proclaimed sage who gives out predictions, but I did tell her that the drug companies only do drug test on certain demographics. Most drugs are not tested on Asians and as Asian immigrants, it’s a risk for us to take drugs. Also the dosage has always been a suspect. For Asians who are smaller in body size and bone structures, it is very important we are vigilant about the dosage we should take. T would not listen. She’d rather listen to her doctors. Actually she brought my message to her doctors, who dismissed it promptly as some layman’s hearsay. Hi, doctors, laymen are worth listening to sometimes.

I know N who has fallen for the wrong man once, twice, and third times. She doesn’t learn and doesn’t listen to friendly advice. I even gave her a ruthless ultimatum that she should not come to complain to me when she’s brokenhearted, but to no avail. She proceeded with what she had always wanted to do regardless of what her friends said to her, and then came back with her complaints months later. Of course I have to keep my thorny language in check and show all the sympathy I have. This is what friends are for.

I know S who’s been fighting a “war” with her mother-in-law for ages. However she needs somebody at home to cook and take care of the kid when she’s out working. So her mother-in-law comes and stays for several months. The thing is her mother-in-law is old fashioned and she has a lot of old ideas about women which are outdated. She would say and do things that are extremely preferential to her son and very unfair to her daughter-in-law. By her own opinion, she’s the best among her generation and she gave her daughter-in-law a lot of advantage that other mother-in-laws would not do. I advice S that she should not invite her mother-in-law over. She should just hire somebody in the Asian community here to help her. It’s a little more expensive to hire somebody, but a lot less headache. S doesn’t listen to me. She never does. Right before the pandemic, S got into a physical fight with her mother-in-law in the kitchen. I can’t relate all the details here, but I can say it’s bad.

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