The Misnomer

Mong The Husband: “Where have you been? It’s so late. Almost 10 o’clock. It’s dangerous to be out so late.”

Meimei The Wife: “Come On. This is Piscataway, New Jersey. Not New York City. We had a drama rehearsal at school tonight. The director went on and on and on. He couldn’t shut up. It’s his first time. He’s over excited. I could have told you, but you were at your lab laboring on that PhD experiment of yours. I didn’t want to disturb you. “

Mong: “Wait a minute. Your parents gave you the money for the Data Analytics program so that you can have a good job afterwards. Don’t tell me you switched to arts and theaters.”

Meimei: “My parents are in Malaysia. What do they know? I have grown. Math and curves and statistics and calculus is not for me. I want to be myself.”

Mong: “It’s not easy for your parents to support you for school in America, you know. Studying drama is a waste of their hard earned money. Look, I can help you with the math problems. Remember I helped you through middle school and high school. All those math and calculus homework.”

Meimei: “You are brilliant. You won all those math and physics awards in Penang Island and in Malaysia. And people call you Little Newton, which I think is a misnomer.”

Mong: “Excuse me? Misnomer? I can’t believe you said this. I’m the Newton of Southeast Asia. Everybody acknowledges this.”

Meimei: “You don’t really understand Newton though.”

Mong: “Hahaha. That’s ridiculous. I did all your homework on Newton’s law of motion, which was the starting point of our relationship, wasn’t it? I told you all those anecdotes of his. How can you forget that? I thought I’m almost Newton’s biographer and Newton’s our matchmaker.”

Meimei: “Newton threw his calculus paper in his drawer and didn’t care about it for a long time until his friend pressed him to publish. You told me the story. He dedicated most of his time to theological study and religious research in later part of his life.”

Mong: “What a shame. He really doesn’t understand himself to waste his time and talent like that.”

Meimei: “He understands himself. It’s you who don’t understand him. He wants to be Thomas Aquinas or St. Augustine, a theologian. Math and physics are just his negligible hobbies, which he doesn’t really care much about.”

Mong: “Is this what you’ve learned from your drama program? I bet it’s going to lead you astray.”

Meimei: “People have different aspirations. Everybody’s life is a quest. Sweetheart. You need to respect that.”

Mong: “And your aspiration is to annoy me.”

Meimei: “Your aspiration is your lab research during the day and your ESPN soccer games at night. You know, love is a quarrel and we don’t even quarrel.”

Mong: “Where did you learn this language? Life is a quest; love is a quarrel? Which idiot says this? Life can be a lot of things and love takes different forms. Now you learned some smart language and you come back home to torture me.”

19 thoughts on “The Misnomer

  1. It is interesting that you are talking about Newton because you have proved to me that a Haoyando in motion stays in motion and I must try harder to keep up LOL.

    I like reading your fictional conversations and the questions that you provoke with writings like this are very compelling 👍😂.

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      1. Hahaha it is very good to hear about that; I didn’t even know that lol.

        Usually when you hear about these guys, it’s often on matters dealing with some serious science but it’s good to know what their personalities were like 😂

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        1. The immigrant community is filled with scientists and engineers. They often talk in a way as if math and physics can explain everything in the world, or what they see is the indisputable truth. I have a lot of misgivings whenever I heard them talking like that.

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        2. Yes they do; you brought up a very good point haha. There are millions of immigrants that have became regular citizens of many countries and have contributed significantly to the development and growth of the places that they have migrated too — this is actually quite common.

          It’s all about what they put their minds to and their particular circumstances that will ultimately help nurture and manifest their potential, but they have to be careful if not they can be easily exploited. But I have a question, when you say immigrants do you mean legal or illegal or just immigrants in general?

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        3. Yes there is definitely some truth to that my friend and I share your sentiments in wishing all immigrants well. Who knows how many Newtons and Teslas they have among them waiting to be discovered haha

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  2. What should be Newton’s law of emotions? Is he an introvert or an extrovert? Why his classmates are not succeeded like him or maybe he was very intelligent by birth?

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