That’s No Joke

“Alexa, tell me a joke?”
Silence. My Kindle Fire is hitting a mini glitch.
“Alexa, hello.”
“It’s Sarcasm Awareness Month, and I say ‘hi’.”
“Alexa, can you tell me a joke?”
“Why do zombies make such excellent golfers? They really know their way around a corpse.”
“I can write better jokes than that.” I say to my friend immodestly.
“Really? You know you are never funny.” My friend says in equally immodest criticism.

This is the moment that I usually prefer sweet lies from my friend, but as usual I receive bitter truth instead. Not that bitter truth ever prevents me from pursuing what I want to pursue–only delays. Not that I aspire to be funny, but still I think I have a joke or two in me, just like everybody else.

I see jokes in more places than my friend, who tends to have a stricter standard. For example, the fact that we all want to listen to sweet lies while still expecting the liar to be a true friend. Is that a joke or not?

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