What to do?

Reading just cannot be done in the same day with writing. At first I thought I could just order my mind to do the switch, but it just couldn’t happen. Once the mind is hooked on reading, it refuses to go to reading, and vice versa. Not only our heart has a will of its own, but so does our mind.

I stumbled on “The Rebel” by Albert Camus through an article talking about a famous dispute between Camus and Sartre–how to take a stand on murder and those activities that lead to murders. I am really interested in this topic–whether revolutions are justified–since I don’t know how long. The problem with “The Rebel” is that it talks about Absurdism, which Camus is a prominent member, and “The Myth of Sisyphus”, the book on suicide Camus wrote before “The Rebel”. Without understanding Absurdism and Camus opinion on suicide, it is very hard to get on with the book. So one book seems to be expanding to three books instantly. I hate philosophy books as much as I hate Shakespeare, but I am paradoxically attracted to books that talked about philosophers and Shakespeare’s plays. Why is that? I don’t know. So reading three philosophy books is unthinkable. It seems to be an impasse.

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