Easy Misconceptions

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Strategies For Casinos

It happened several times. I read a book on strategies for video poker and blackjack, but when the time came for me to face a machine or a table in a casino, I just couldn’t summon up what I had learned. The noise, the atmosphere, the lack of oxygen in the premise made it all impossible for me to recall what I knew in my heart, and apply it on the cards at hand. Video poker was less intimidating since I could take my time to think and evaluate each hand–nobody was waiting for me or staring at me in anticipation. Blackjack tables are more challenging since every table has its vibes, every dealer seems to be judging you, and your fellow players are always impatient. And your decision making is seriously affected.

It is a misconception to think one can just learn casino strategies and go out there to do what one has planned to do. I guess other people can do it, but I just can’t. One of my friends told me that every casino has its resident ghost, which is unleashed by the casino owner on each casino floor to mess up people’s mind. When a person comes to play, his or her mind is scrambled or twisted or disabled or spooked. This is why many people feel out of control and not really themselves when they want to make a calculated decision on a particular hand. My friend also said that these resident ghosts are usually of native American origin, and in Atlantic City, for example, the ghost is from the native American tribe called Delaware, who has lived in this region for ten thousand years.

Anyway, I didn’t believe a word of what my friend said because I thought he just wanted to find an excuse to explain away why he lost. However I’ve never given up my misconception. This is why I still regularly read gambling strategies, and play imitation poke and blackjack online.

Free Samples And Discounts

It is a misconception to think that free samples are really free and discounted items are really worth it. Last weekend, I started to do a total cleanup and reorganization of my place. Guess what I found. I bought ten hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, and an assortment of room fragrance plugs and refills, which I have never used. I bought them at the beginning period of the pandemic, for the purpose of brighten up my days of working from home, but I have no need for these little sweet luxuries. My mind just doesn’t pay attention to such things or draw pleasure from them. I guess it is because I was not used to these things growing up. Their presence or absence doesn’t make a difference to me.

Actually I had not even had the habit of going into this store before I took one or two free samples from them about ten years ago. Next thing I knew, I became a regular shopper and started to buy things from them whenever there was a discount or a sale. Now looking back, I really don’t mind one way or another about their products even if I do smell the pleasant smell and I am quite impressed by their cute packaging.

Be More Open And Outgoing

I’ve tried to be more open and outgoing all my life, but I’ve never beeen able to achieve that. Growing up under two severe narcissists, I was shamed and invalidated routinely, which explained why I have grown to be an introvert like what I am right now. And those narcissistic parents often play a perfect double game of shaming their children’s every move while blaming them for not being open and outgoing. So I have always felt the need to behave like an outgoing person, which is actually not who I am. This culminated to a screaming height when I became a saleswoman for a financial company for a short period of time. I was thrown into a group of extroverts, who liked to talk, interact, express etc. I tried my best to match other people’s outgoing demeanor, but deep inside, I felt more like a fraud than ever. It was not me. It was somebody else. Fortunately, after leaving that job, I have been back to my normal self.

The Local Language

There are many misconceptions about learning a new language. The most common one is that one can learn the local language once one goes to live in the place. This misconception has been debunked completely ever since I started to live in an immigrant community. Since everybody lives in his or her own community, I haven’t seen a huge improvement on anybody’s English unless this person puts a conscious and consistent effort in it.

Another misconception is that one should find a native speaker to practice a new language. This sounds like a very logical thing to do, but this is the biggest myth of all. I mean unless this native speaker is a teacher who teaches you language classes, you are not going to find such a native speaker on your own. There are several issues involved here. Even the most patient native speaker doesn’t have the patience to have a conversation with you if your language skill is not up to C1 or C2 level (C1 and C2 are advanced levels). And even if you have an advanced level, the cultural differences and the lack of shared experiences will make the conversation uneasy or awkward. I actually have a lot to say about this since I was one of those who was eager to find a native speaker to talk to years ago, and I learned a very big lesson. For this, I will make another post for another day.

9 thoughts on “Easy Misconceptions

  1. Ohhh … I love Bath&Body Works. All those beautiful fragrances. We don’t have it here but I remember browsing through one in Washington. As being introvert or extrovert … one just is the way one is. One can try to adapt and be more outgoing, getting out of one’s comfort zone. But in the end we are who we are. I totally agree with the whole language thing. Of course it helps if you can practice talking to become more fluent but reading and watching things in the language you want to learn helps a lot. I’m currently brushing up on my Italian and French and apart from doing some vocabulary, I’m browsing through magazines and will probably try to read the mysteries I once bought. Congrats, by the way, on getting to your home organizing and decluttering 😉

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    1. Thank you for your sweet message. I am organizing right now and trying to make it more tidy. I have actually become more tidy each year, but I’ve never consciously beautify things, which is why a lot of my stuff are not of consistent shape or color. I am thinking of getting certain boxes or folders or drawers to make it super organized, as what you have done. LOL. I think i consciously not to tidy things too much for fear of becoming like my grandma who I dislike…

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      1. The main thing is for you to feel happy and comfortable in your apartment. Some people like it more colourful, others prefer monochrome colours. Having your papers organized, though, saves lots of time when tax time comes and when you’re looking for something 😉. Keep going 🤩😁

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        1. I am in general organized, but I am not super organized. LOL. However I recently started to make things more tidy and try to buy more color consistent boxes so that things look more in harmony. Thank you very much for your encouragement.

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  2. Hope you get to improve your language skills. At least for English you have been reading a lot, which helps.

    Nowadays I have been playing a video game version of mahjong, part of me wants to play it for real but I am scared I will lose all my money.

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    1. Yes, it is said that every casino has a ghost, who will mess up people’s mind so that they cannot think clearly. However somehow those people who work for the casinos are immune to such mind-scrambling for some reason.

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