Haunted By An Internet Ghost

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

I really think last week I was haunted by an internet ghost–for an entire week. I am not kidding. There was no other explanation for the mysterious things that happened.

Lost The Scrolling Bar

Although WP has format glitches from time to time, it never happened so frequently like last week. I lost my scrolling bars once or twice every day. Probably WP software engineers were fixing the WP theme I chose, or probably it is due to the internet ghost.

Books Disappeared From The “Read” List

I am very sure I have read at least six of seven of Evelyn Waugh’s books, but a chance search of my “read” list, I only found three. I remember years ago, I had such a sudden enthusiasm about his books. And fortunately his books are always on sale at a discount price. Anyway, I read until I felt I had enough of him. I should have recorded them in the “read” list, but somehow half of them disappeared.

Anyway, I have been reading his “Men In Arms”, for the purpose of de-cluttering my book shelf. I somehow feel that I don’t like him as much as before. He seems to put too much virtue and honor and beauty in lineage or genealogy. How come I didn’t observe this before? I was so blind.

Just looking at my own family tree, with all the narcissists and nutcases, I am not enthusiastic at all to know my own genes, or to find my relations through ancestry-dot-come.

I have digressed. Coming back to the topic of internet ghost. I really think this ghost carried my books away from my “read” list.

Paypal Quit In The Middle Of A Transaction

I have been using paypal for quite a while and this only happened once. That was last weekend. Paypal just mysterious disconnected without completing my transaction. As you know, I really want to restrict my credit card usage since online theft and fraud is rampant. I know a person whose identity was stolen, whose cards were used without his knowledge. And he tried to report this to police, but police are really too busy to take care of his case. Paypal is a good option, which can be used for purchases on certain website without having to submit one’s credit card information. It could be an internet ghost that was visiting me last week.

I think the ghost is gone by now since everything is back to normal.

7 thoughts on “Haunted By An Internet Ghost

  1. The mysteries of the big WWW. And our computers … glad everything is back to normal. Sometimes I think it’s horribly amazing how much we depend on the digital world, our smartphones, computers.

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