A Tale Of Two Cousins (Flash Fiction Part 13)

Image by meineresterampe from Pixabay

Flash Fiction #163

This is the 13th part. The previous 12 parts are here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9, 10, 11, 12.

Cousin Arjin, Right Now

After grandma’s funeral, I had a business trip out of town for a few days. When I came back, my wife Fanfa was gone, leaving me a note, which said that she couldn’t go on like this anymore. She wanted us to have a separation for a month or two to think things over.

I immediately thought she went to live with her parents for a few days. So I rushed to my in-laws’ place, but she was not there. She left our son with her parents and she herself was nowhere to be found. My in-laws didn’t know her whereabouts either. “She said she was going to stay with friends for a while.” My in-laws said and they looked worried. My in-laws are those people who are brainlessly cheerful and kind. For years, I’ve been trying to educate them on business and politics and sports etc., but they are blissfully impervious to knowledge. Well, they are good people and I have no quarrel with them.

I went to the hospital where she worked, but her colleagues told me that she took a two-week leave to use up all her saved vacation days. I sent email, voice mail, and social media messages to Fanfan, but no reply. Finally, after two days, I sent her a message, saying that I would go to police to file a missing person report if she wouldn’t show up. The threat worked. She sent me a reply, saying that she’s staying with Nalan.

Now I am going over to Nalan’s place to sort things out with my wife. I don’t feel good about this since Nalan, although being my cousin, has always been my enemy. I don’t know what she did to bewitch my grandma and my father, but she did bewitch them. “Why can’t you get some good grades like your cousin Nalan?” My grandma and my father often said to me when I was still in school. She’s not normal. If I wanted to have somebody to learn from, it would not be from her. I might become a witch if I learned from her.

And I can’t believe she bewitched my wife too. I just can’t believe this. I mean I’ve never noticed their friendship until now. I’ve never even noticed that they spoke with each other more than just casual greetings. My wife is no friend to any of my relatives. She is a friendly person and enjoys making friends, but she is very aloof towards my relatives. I wonder why. Probably there’s a problem there, but I’ve never thought about these things before.

And I am going to tell Nalan firmly that she should stay away from my family affairs. Twenty-five years ago, she badmouthed me, she pushed me, she disappeared for a week. Guess what happened? My friend Altan was accused to be the abductor and he was killed. His camel was slaughtered. I was ostracized by my friends. It’s all Nalan’s fault. She doesn’t speak much and looks very docile, but she can do real damage to people’s life. I don’t know what she said to my wife and how she persuaded my wife to leave me, but I am not going to allow it. No way. I will not let it happen.

Nalan, Right Now

“Where is Fanfan? Where did you hide her?” My cousin Arjin says when I open the door.

“Well, she told me she is going to stay with a friend for a few days and she left this morning.” I reply.

“Haha, she told you? I bet you sent her away. I bet you persuaded her to leave me. What did you say to her?” He asks.

“Well, mostly it is she talking and me listening. I only did a bit of analysis for her.” I say. “Well, I just cooked my dinner and I am hungry. Do you care to join me?”

“No, no, no. I don’t think you can get yourself out of this with a dinner invitation. You think after a little food and a little rice wine, I will forget everything and forgive you. I am telling you that I will not forget and I will not forgive.” He says.

“What are you talking about? What am I trying to get you to forget? Or forgive? I don’t understand what you are saying.” I am a little puzzled. He looks quite upset and her face is a little flushed.

“It’s you who persuaded her to leave me, right? It’s you who hide her from me, right? It’s you who got Altan and his camel killed, right? You did all these, and then you have the arrogance to say you have nothing to be forgiven?” Arjin says.

“Are you out of your mind? I didn’t persuade her to leave you. I had not known anything about your marriage until four days ago when she came to see me.” I am a little angry myself.

“And why didn’t you contact me and tell me that she was living with you?” Arjin asks.

“I wanted to, but she didn’t want to. So we talked and talked for hours. She told me everything. She wanted to leave you for quite a while.” I reply.

“I don’t believe a word you are saying. I don’t believe she wanted to leave me for quite a while. I am a good husband, a good provider. She doesn’t even have to work. She can stay home if she wants to. We buy brand name stuff. We own a good apartment in the city and a car of the latest model. We go abroad for vacation every year. She is happy with me. She is happy until you come around to persuade her otherwise. I just know it. I just know it.”

(To Be Continued Here)

9 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Cousins (Flash Fiction Part 13)

    1. LOL. That’s the purpose of my story. Hahaha. I want people to feel good about their own family. Just look at my lunatic relatives and you will feel good about yourself.


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