The New Year Resolution

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I’m not going to have any new year resolutions, knowing that I am not resolute enough to carry out any of them, such as regular exercise, positive mentality, time management etc. However I am going to propose some new year directions, towards which I can try to make an effort. It sounds like a soft and feasible approach at first, but soon I realize that there are so many things I want to get improved on that the list can be unmanageable long. All those flaws and imperfections one has! It is quite a dilemma, isn’t it? I mean one is not awakened to the point of summoning up some energy to get rid of the flaws, but one is awakened enough to realize the flaws’ existence.

Kick The Habit

  • stop watching videos of gluttony: I have developed the habit of watching people gorging themselves to near death on huge amount of food. Recently this habit has evolved. Now I am watching animals smacking their mouth while chewing their chows, with a microphone nearby to catch the sound. I can’t believe I like to watch these.
  • stop reading depressing books: It’s been a while since I have realized that I have been reading depressing books, or listening to depressing news, or having negative ideas that will not go away. Among them, I think reading depressing books is the worst. The problem is that I like books that are well written, but the problem is that many well written books are very depressing. For example, literary books. Just a string of sobs and tears. I really need to diverse my reading…

Be More Organized

I bought Marie Kondo’s book, watched her Netflix series, and reorganized the whole place according to her advice. However when it comes to time management or schedule different task, I am quite messy. I just can’t do it. I end up scrambling at the last minute. Always.

Be More Like A Vegan

I wish “almost vegan” is an English term, but who would listen to a non-native speaker’s wish? And for every vegan out there, there are likely two or three “almost vegan” in existence. These people are like me, who want to reduce the animal protein intake and who can reduce it to a certain extent, but never to the point of zero animal protein.

Don’t Become A Flying Monkey

I think everyone of us, in one point or another, has unwittingly become a flying monkey, who helps a narcissist to frighten his or her victims. I remember I joined the laughter of the whole classroom when one of my teachers ridiculed a student; I remember many times I pretend to agree to ideas I disagree with.

Growing up in a narcissistic family, I am a person who can make a lot of mistakes when dealing with people. I can be attracted to people who show narcissistic traits; I can be overwhelmed with gratitude when people show me a bit of attention; I can try to sacrifice myself for unobtainable goals. And a lot more. Worst of all, I often pretend that I don’t have needs in a relationship. I mean any relationship, be it friendship, love, work or…

Do Not Hate Exercise

I realize that I will never be able to love exercise. So now my wish is that I can just stop hating exercise.

32 thoughts on “The New Year Resolution

  1. Our flaws and weaknesses makes us who we are. Nothing is more annoying than perfect people, or the assumption. Provided they are acknowledged, it is our flaws that make us tolerant, that give us compassion and understanding for others, that give us insight into ourselves. It is the imperfection that makes us human, but for that to happen, the imperfection must remain imperfect and we must not acquiesce in it, let alone glorify it. The acknowledgment of the imperfect is the closest to perfection we can achieve. Making mistakes is not the worst, the denial of it is.

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    1. soooo true. Just think about it that parents pretend to be perfect and they demand their kids to be perfect. And schools demand students to be perfect in order to be the best student. I think this demand for perfection is a little maddening…


  2. Talk about having much in common. I’ve recently started watching YouTube videos of Beard Meats Food, a guy who basically stuffs himself with food at various restaurants and cafes as an eating challenge. There is something so fascinating about watching this guy devour food. Haha. And I can’t give up depressing books, they are definitely so well written. But I do exercise and though it’s painful, it feels so good. And I’m too organized for everyone’s good. Wish you well, Haoyan. Just do what feels right. 🙂

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    1. I can’t believe this. We did almost the same thing. There’s some Karma or telepathy in this. I just watched this Beard Meats Food devouring afternoon tea on YouTube a week ago. I had not know that afternoon tea can be so elaborate and so gluttonous. LOL. I had thought afternoon tea was just a little snack with a cup of tea, but that’s not true.

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  3. It’s better to make small changes than none at all. If anything, these small changes turn out to become big ones, almost like the gradual growth of a tree.

    I also think the Asian cooking traditions in general can help make things easier on eating more vegan and vegetarian. I personally like vegetarian Chinese food and I loved eating at a Korean temple. If possible I might even look for a Korean vegetarian cooking channel, for me and for you.

    And if you need help on exercise, you can always ask me.

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    1. Yes, Buddhist temples always have good vegetarian food. Some say they fried the tofu to make them taste like meat. LOL. I mean why do they want to make them taste like meat. I thought the whole point is not to eat meat… I am hopeless in exercises. I really dislike it so much but I know I have to do it.

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    1. Yes, love your local meat and organic approach. I have been trying to reduce my meat and egg consumption to the minimum, like one or two eggs a day. It is hard and sometimes I will eat more animal protein. I guess a lot of people are same like me, but they can’t go zero animal product, just like me.

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  4. I like the term directions very much. It has got me thinking about how apt this term is regarding ourselves. You are the captain of your destiny, self correcting by gently nudging, or even changing course as need be.

    Right now, there is this delightful Chinese drama Meet Youself, which can be found on YouTube. It’s so nice seeing people being, well, nice 😊

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    1. Thank you. Yes, we try to find the best way forward for ourselves, and don’t let any narcissists control our lives. And you just remind me to watch some dramas and I still have so many K dramas that I haven’t watched yet.

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  5. I could never stop watching those videos, since I’m on a very restricted diet they help me feel so satisfied lol.
    My entire family apart from me is “almost vegan” lol. I’m sure there is a specific name for it but I can’t remember it now. It’s at the tip of my tongue. I hate when that happens.

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    1. Wow, welcome to the “almost vegan” family. I think there are a lot like us who will occasionally eat eggs and cheese or some animal product, but they are of very small amount, which will leave as little carbon footprint as possible. LOL. My new year’s resolution is to reduce the footprint to the minimum that I can endure.

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      1. Yes, most of my immediate family is like that. They’ll occasionally eat some animal products but avoid them in general. And that’s totally okay. We all do out best and that’s all we can do.


  6. There is a word “freegan” – though it is not quite what you want. Freegans try to minimise their consumption in general – so not just of animal products. But “minimise” is the key word – so it kind-of fits. I know a freegan and he said he would eat animal products if he was offered them by somebody else, but he wouldn’t buy them for himself.

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    1. Wow, that’s the word. I like this word. So true. If he has no choice, he has to eat animal products. If he has, he would rather go vegan. That’s a good way to minimize one’s impact on the environment. …

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  7. I think directions rather than resolutions is a great idea.

    I love your list. The ‘don’t be a flying monkey’ really hit close to home. I have to work on this more myself.

    Perhaps an almost vegan could be called a megan? 😂

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    1. Me too. I was often recruited by other people into a team that does something that i don’t really agree with. I know it is hard to keep oneself from a group since we need to socialize, but in a family-oriented culture, it is so hard. Family is everything. And if you doesn’t buy into the family myth, one becomes the family’s enemy. It is really sad. And megan is a wonderful word. There are a lot of megans in this world than vegans.

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