New Word: Winter

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

New Word #125

Vapor In The Air

  • nebulize: convert (a liquid) to a fine spray, usually by the ultrasonic method.
  • aerosol: a substance enclosed under pressure and able to be released as a fine spray, typically by means of a propellant gas.
  • vaporizer: a device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapor, especially for medicinal inhalation.
  • humidifier: a device for keeping the atmosphere moist in a room.


  • emollient: a substance that softens the skin.
  • gel: a a thick, clear, slightly sticky substance, especially one used in cosmetic or medicinal products.
  • Vaseline: a type of petroleum jelly used as an ointment and lubricant.
  • cream: a thick liquid or semisolid cosmetic or medical preparation applied to the skin.
  • lotion: a thick, smooth liquid preparation designed to be applied to the skin for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. It is less oily than cream.

The Holiday Season

  • The Thanksgiving Turkey: Once a year, one would have the urge to cook a turkey and use the stove, which has never been used before. However every time one tries, it is invariably a failure.
  • Christmas Lights: I love Christmas lights, but my affection for it has never been transferred into the action of putting on Christmas lights myself. I feel quite guilty about this whenever we drove around certain neighborhood to admire their lights.

Winter Wheat: wheat sown in autumn or winter for harvesting the following summer.

Phobias About Winter

  • cryophobia: a morbid fear of freezing
  • frigophobia: Common psychological frigophobia symptoms include: Dread, worry, or sense of impending doom at being cold, having cold extremities, or losing vitality due to cold.
  • chionophobia: Chionophobia is an intense fear of snow.

winterize: adapt or prepare (something, especially a house or an automobile) for use in cold weather.

the dead of winter: the coldest part of winter.

bundle up: to dress warmly

wind chill: the cooling effect of wind blowing on a surface.

the snowball effect: a situation in which something increases in size or importance at a faster and faster rate

snowed in: unable to leave a place because a lot of snow is falling or has fallen

winter melon: a variety of muskmelon with a sweet, edible flesh that requires a long growing season and ripens in late autumn, making it available in many supermarkets during the winter.

winter itch: a type of dermatitis that can affect you most during cold weather

winter cough: Dry coughs can often appear in winter as they are not only commonly caused by the cold virus, but they are also aggravated by cold air and changes in temperature

volcanic winter: A volcanic winter is a reduction in global temperatures caused by volcanic ash and droplets of sulfuric acid and water obscuring the Sun.

ice fishing: fish through holes in the ice on a frozen lake or river.

12 thoughts on “New Word: Winter

  1. I only love winter on skiing vacations 🤣. And advent and Christmas season. January usually is awful and I can’t wait for the days getting longer and spring to arrive! Great winter word post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We are having a really mild winter right now and even the trees are a little confused, wondering if they should turn red and yellow, or should fall to the ground, or should just go on like there’s no winter. .. So true. Winter brings more holidays and vacations.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We too. I had my tomato pot plant on the balcony until last week. Only this weekend temperatures have dropped to below 0 degrees Celcius and I wonder how long I will manage not to turn on the heating. Unfortunately, my study is on the colder side of the apartment and I read cool 16.9 degrees today … guess I will layer up tomorrow for home office work 🙈😂. Have a good start in the week!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I guess the northern hemisphere share the same kind of weather pattern. I mean we had drought this summer and an autumn with very modest rain (much less than usual). And now we have the warm winter. Hopefully the weather god is not going to be mad with us and do something whimsical…

          Liked by 1 person

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