The Village Psychic (Flash Fiction Part 1)

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Flash Fiction #136

When Yilan’s father Arton and her mother Mi were about to get married, it’s the local tradition that they should go to a local psychic, who would examine their family background, temperament, and other aspects of their life, from which their fortune would be told. So they went. And the local psychic said to the two love birds that they were not a good match. Not only that, Arton is going to kill a woman one day and will be eventually killed by a woman.

Arton and Mi considered the whole thing utter nonsense. They belonged to the new generation of people who don’t believe in ghosts or superstitions. So they got married and a year later Yilan, their daughter, was born.

Yilan grew up uneventfully, graduated from college, had a job and her own family. When her parents were about to retire, her mother Mi died of a traffic accident. At the time her father Arton brought his sister Argu to live with them, but the two women, Mi and Argu, didn’t get along. It got so bad that Yilan’s mother Mi decided to leave to stay with her friend in a nearby town for a week or so to cool things down. Mi left on a day with morning mists. The car Mi was riding in fell off a bridge due to the driver’s carelessness. Mi died.

Six months later, Yilan’s father Arton got remarried with Fi, who’s Mi’s unmarried friend. Yilan, who was working at the time 200 miles away, came back for their wedding.

When they had a private moment, the father and daughter went for a walk. It’s a retirement community located in a countryside. Yilan’s father insisted that they took the walk around so that he could show Yilan all the good local spots.

(to be continued)

14 thoughts on “The Village Psychic (Flash Fiction Part 1)

  1. Yeah a lot of South Asians used to go to these types of psychics too. I don’t know if they still do that but my mum told me people would do that back in her day. I feel bad for Mi, I think a husband should support his wife. If she had issues with his sister he should have supported her and asked the sister to leave.

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    1. Yes, this is part of true story. I mean it is more of the conflict between the couple rather than with the sister. Well… all these crazy relatives we have. Just look at my own crazy relatives–I am so glad that I am so normal compared with all these craziness.

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        1. Yes, hopefully. Actually my relatives think I am the crazy one. LOL. That’s so typical of a narcissistic household–to possess multiple truth that can drive a sane person insane.

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        2. That’s the same as my relatives. They are only happy when they criticize my looks and my imperfect manners and my sulkiness. Everything else is upsetting to their very narrow view of appropriateness.

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