Apple And Orange (Flash Fiction)

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Flash Fiction #125

“You cannot believe what is happening in our HOA.” Crystal says to Pammy and Lulan. HOA means home owners’ association. Every month, Crystal would come to New Jersey for a weekend to visit her friends Pammy and Lulan, away from the noise of New York City. She has been a real estate agent for 10 years in the City and owned her coop apartment for about the same length of time. By the way, New York City probably has the biggest concentration of HOA since every building seems to have its own HOA, for which each apartment owner is a member. They vote on expenses, repairs and other property related issues.

“We have such big fights recently since some members prefer more repairing while other members prefer reducing the coop fees. The next thing you know, Ruesi, one of the most vocal members on the board, starts to have a feud with people with opposing views. She would recruit supporters and ridicule opponents; she would spread rumors; she would have petty revenge on people who don’t agree with her. It’s getting really ugly.” Crystal says.

“What are you going to do?” Pammy asks.

“I don’t know. I think most people don’t want to stand up to her, being afraid of her big mouth and possible reprisal. When most people become silent, Ruesi turns more aggressive. She has now recruited several assistants who would do her bidding for her and suppress the others. I think I may want to sell the apartment and go somewhere else.” Cyrstal says.

“What a hassle.” Lulan says.

“Yes, it is. I don’t want to leave.” Crystal says.

“You know Ruesi is a narcissist and she behaves exactly like a narcissist. I hope she doesn’t choose you to be her victim. When she does that, she will unleash those flying monkeys she recruited on you.” Lulan says.


“Yes, when I tell you about my parents being narcissists, especially my mom. You don’t believe me. You don’t think narcissists exist. Now you yourself meet real life narcissist in your HOA. Haha.” Lulan says.

“But… but… Are you sure? I mean my case and your case are two different things. Apple and orange. Incomparable. Narcissist? I don’t believe this.” Crystal says.

7 thoughts on “Apple And Orange (Flash Fiction)

  1. Some people only believe what they witness and refuse to believe the world is different from what they think it is. Crystal doesn’t want to believe Lulan’s parents are narcissists because that would not work with what she believes so strongly.
    I hate such associations and committees. They always end up disagreeing and people just end up fighting and taking sides in the end.

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    1. Yes, those committee can be exhausting if one person is mad and nobody restrain this mad person. It is a perfect cameo of a big dictatorship. I can readily understand why people as a group can go mad so easily when just a very low percentage of them go insane.

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    1. Yes, I remember. At one point, Frasier attended the condo board meetings and there are quite an upheaval there, although i can’t remember the particulars anymore. That’s a great show.

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