On My Way To Be A Vegan

I am not a vegan but I’ve been on my way to the vegan land for many years. And finally for the last two months, I’ve successfully cut chicken out of my diet. The only animal product remaining on the menu is the egg. I eat about two to three egg whites a day. Other than that, I only eat beans, veggies, and fruits. And wheat or rice of course.

I’ll be happy to cut the egg whites too, but I just don’t see myself doing that. For one thing, egg is a wonderful ingredient to coagulate and bond things together. I have tried to use flour to replace egg, but that will introduce a lot of calories, which is not considered a good thing. I’ve also tried one or two egg substitutes, but their form and taste are so far away from egg and so unappealing that I just gave up on them. I recently saw “just egg”, which is plant based, in Target but I haven’t tried them yet. Being disappointed several times before by egg substitutes, I have been hesitating to try another one.

The biggest hurdle in reducing animal products in one’s diet is the feeling of being deprived during a meal and being unsatisfied after a meal. And the second hurdle is when opening the refrigerator, one can’t find anything very desirable or appetizing. I went shopping at Trader Joe’s today and had a big haul right before cooking dinner. All healthy food.

However, just now when I went to open the refrigerator for a midnight snack, I felt that none of the things appeals to me. None at all. Somehow I felt like a monk in a monastery who has to practice abstinence on food. To distract my mind, I found some YouTube videos on food, in which people gorge themselves beyond the point of gluttony. Watching such videos can help me stay “virtuous” with my food intake. I don’t know why, but it really helps.

34 thoughts on “On My Way To Be A Vegan

  1. But it still is worth a try. Even in the mind. Because now once it is somewhere lurking behind poking you from time to time. Have always been a vegetarian yet what your egg is, chai is that to me. Milk tea i.e but with best of hard work towards a focused mind.

    Narayan x


  2. As someone who transitioned to vegan a while back I will recommend keeping a few unhealthy snacks in the house at first because it’s difficult to be both very healthy and vegan at the beginning. “Just Egg” is a really good replacement for egg and according to most vegans it’s the best one. I don’t use it often since I have never eaten real eggs (allergic) and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything but for some who does enjoy eggs I think it would be worth a try. And if you can’t fully transition don’t be too hard on yourself. Being vegan full time is quite difficult and it takes a long time to get used to for a lot of people.

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    1. You are a brave girl. I will never be able to do that. So true. Unhealthy snacks seem to be the key to a healthy diet and unhealthy videos are indispensable for the healthy psyche of a person on a disciplined diet. LOL. Life is so paradoxical. Thank you for sharing “Just Egg” and I haven’t bought it yet but I think I am going to do it soon although I am not hoping for the same kind of texture and tastes.

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      1. Haha yes life can be paradoxical like that. I always like to watch unhealthy food videos when I’m eating very healthy. They seem to fix some sort of craving lol. Let me know if you like Just Egg. I’m curious to get the opinion of someone who eats real egg.

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        1. Yes, I should go to get it when I have time. The Target is right at Menlo Park Mall, but I haven’t been to the mall for almost two years. LOL. Can’t believe time flies like this. Since the pandemic, I just say good buy to shopping malls.

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  3. All your best on your cruelty-free journey. But that also means being kind to yourself! The world needs relatively more people eating a fraction more sustainably, than relatively fewer people doing 100%.

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    1. Yes, being kind to oneself. It is so true. Food is very much a habit. I mean when one gets used to something, she will continue. Probably not being too satisfied with food is a healthy state of things.


        1. Yes, so true. Vicarious pleasures are taking over the world right now. We don’t enjoy our food as much as taking picture of them or watching other people eating. I can’t understand why.

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