More Monday’s Mood

Edison Township

I told W that Edison has four post offices, but he didn’t believe me. I even googled it and sent him the picture through social media. I just don’t understand certain people who live in their own cooped up world and only believe in what they are accustomed to. The presence of four post offices seem to unsettle W since he has only been to one of them for the last ten years. The fact that he only goes to one post office does not contradict the fact that there are four post offices existing and functioning. He finally asked, “why four post offices? It’s a small town.” This is true. “I don’t know.” I told him. He is finally satisfied. Probably my confession of ignorance makes him a little happier than before.

I know myself that I am quite an introvert, but sometimes when I start to talk, I just talk too much for my own good. I can’t stop myself. And some people just don’t like a woman who talks too much and knows something they don’t know. Well, too bad. I am here and I have a lot of good things to say. Please close your ears if you don’t want to hear me talking.

The South Korean Election

I didn’t really follow the news about the South Korea election, but last night when I watched some Asian news, one of the channels put out a headline, “Nine Tailed Fox Plague South Korean Politics.” I just can’t believe my eyes. By the way, nine tailed fox is a Korean legend about this fox that transforms itself into a beautiful woman to wreak havoc on men’s life. It was in books, TV series, cartoons etc. Many times, the fox is portrayed as a male fox, but it can transform into whatever gender it wants to.

We all know that South Korean politics is especially chaotic. One day he’s a president and the next day he can be assassinated or jailed. Or he can wake up to find ten thousand people protesting outside, demanding his (or her) impeachment. Or with a modern twist, he can wake up to find an online exposure that her wife’s diploma is fake. Alternatively his wife did some corrupt deal with her cosmetic surgeon or their kid’s school’s headmaster.

And it is such a revelation that all these chaos are caused by a nine tailed fox. Humans have no fault at all and are quite victimized.

7:00PM Dusk

Really love the day light saving time since it will not get dark until 7PM. Actually in tropical or subtropical regions, darkness is favored since it will not be so hot. Many outdoor markets spring to life after the sunset and most people come out shopping in the darkness. Sometimes I wonder what people would do before Edison invented the light bulb. I mean without electricity, night shopping will be impossible–one really can’t see or examine the goods very well. And of course Thomas Edison invented the light bulb right here in Edison, New Jersey. Even though he moved to South Orange, which is 40 miles north of here later on, he still had a big workshop here and owned a big chunk of the Menlo Park area of the Edison Township. In those days, the town looked like a village rather than a real town. It is said after he died, his admirer and rival Henry Ford came to town and bought almost half of the township and hauled everything in Edison’s workshop to Michigan and set up more than one Edison Museum in Midwest. And he didn’t leave anything behind.

20 thoughts on “More Monday’s Mood

  1. I too wonder how humans functioned without electricity. We were so dependent on the sun, though I’m not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing. The thing is, what about us who only required little sleep? And it wasn’t as if candles were that bright.

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    1. Yes, so true. I am glad we have electricity. I can’t imagine the eras without lights at night. I mean candles really can’t do the job very well. I heard that candles only become more affordable after petroleum product become common. In the old days candles were made of animal fat which were quite expensive and only few people can afford to burn candles all night.

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  2. Your posts always teach me something new. Longer days are so welcome especially after the drear of winter. And no electricity couldn’t have been so bad since no one knew any better at that time. Haha! Great sharing, Haoyan. 🙂

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    1. So true. In those days, people are used to the darkness of the night. However we won’t be able to live in those simple times anymore. Not only we have to have electricity, we also need internet and social media all the time.

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  3. I have met many people who like to argue even when you show them clear facts. It’s quite annoying but the best thing to do is just avoid them because you’ll never win in an argument. I didn’t know much about Edison so thanks for sharing that information about his life.

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    1. So true. I feel that way too. Usually it is the winning of an argument and losing of something more important. So I really should be more diplomatic. I often have trouble balancing… Anyway, thank you for your inspiring suggestion. Probably I should write a little bit about Thomas Edison since he used to be the main stay of the Menlo Park portion of the Edison Township.

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  4. Very interesting post my friend with all information I did not know so thank you. By the way never stop talking. We all benefit by your writing and your knowledge. Have a blessed week. Big hugs 🤗 love Joni

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