Accidental Discovery

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

A Sweater

Discovered a long-sleeve fluffy top from Uniqlo in my closet, still with the store tag on. No idea when I bought it and why I bought it. I just thought to myself, “Why did I buy this and why did I spend money on my looks? I don’t even like my looks.” I should just throw all these junks away, but I’ve been saying that forever and have never done anything about it.

Ice vs. Snow

Yesterday, when the salt truck came rolling, we were anticipating a little ice storm, which didn’t eventually materialize. I realized that I have always wanted to know why sometimes it is freezing rain while other times it is snow, but I have never really looked into it. I compiled winter phrases in a post, but still I didn’t look up the mechanism behind these terms. It’s like watching the entire series of “Frasier” without knowing what the difference is between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Or probably I looked it up once, but then promptly forgot what I had looked up.

Hunker Down

Hunker down is a phrase I’ve never looked up but I’ve always known what it means. I mean all the other English words and phrases involved consciously learning (often grudgingly), but this one is not. I don’t know why. For example, whenever a hurricane comes to a place, there will be a reporter or two saying, “Some people are evacuating and look the highway is congested. Others hunker down and try to ride out the storm at home.” One just feel that the phrase means lower one’s body and settle down in a safe place–no explanation necessary. I wish every word can be like this.

For The #100

I realize that I am going to write the #100 flash fiction and this realization brings an anxiety–I probably should write something better. Unfortunately whenever such an expectation arrives, my mind just freezes into a panic mode. Having been living with myself for so many years, I know that whenever this mode comes, I’m going to write something very contrived and very affected. It’s no good.

But still we have to do what we have to do. So here I have several options:

  1. I can write about an old legend I heard about growing up. Here the word “legend” is not really a positive word, but rather a controversial one. An old woman who lost her husband when she was young and the whole story. I would name it, “Hero or Villain”.
  2. I can write about an incident when a tourist is kidnapped from a resort and held for ransom. I want to name it, “One Hundred And One Night”, but I haven’t figured out the ending yet.
  3. I can write about a child growing up in an acrimonious family environment. This one is natural for me, but I have to deal with the challenge of making it more like a comedy than a tragedy.
  4. I can write about the symbolism of a grandma, who raised 9 children and worked savagely hard. The grandma’s impact on the offspring is very strong, especially on her female offspring.
  5. I haven’t written a love story for a long time. It probably should be a love story to commemorate the #100 Flash Fiction.
  6. I can write a cat story or a fantasy story even. Now I am thinking and fantasizing…

20 thoughts on “Accidental Discovery

  1. “Hunker down” speaks for itself – yes. It’s American English, but it’s so useful that it’s widely used and understood in the UK. As well as the crouching aspect, it also rhymes with bunker – which is a place to shelter from danger.

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    1. That’s so true. Hunker down really expresses itself so nicely that one doesn’t have to learn it. And I have to say I like the word “bunk” and “bulk” too. Yes, I learned a lot about bunker when reading WWII books. LOL.


  2. I always tend to make accidental discoveries when I’m looking for something else πŸ˜‚ for a flash fiction prompt, I would probably say the grandma symbolism would be fun to read!

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