My First Reblogging

This is my first time reblogging and I don’t know how the format will turn out. I tried it once a couple of days ago, but couldn’t decide what to add to the post. So I reversed it to a draft. Now I am doing it again. This is a reblog about the Astroworld Festival stampede and crushing happened ten days ago in Houston, Texas, together with the author LiziRose’s own experience attending a crowded concert. It is actually quite frightening. I think women are more vulnerable in an out-of-control crowd since we have much less muscle strength.

I don’t have such an experience myself since I always try to avoid the crowd. However I’ve heard many incidents of stampede or crushing from the news. In the places where people go for pilgrimage, stampedes happen with a startling regularity. A crowd is a different beast altogether–almost not human even if it consists of humans– and if there’s no crowd control, waves of people can fall and crush like fleshy dominoes, resulting in twisted limbs or damaged organs or even death.

I just googled stampede and crushing and a huge list shows up from Wikipedia–the deadliest of all stampedes claimed 2400 lives in one incident. Unbelievable!!!

The concert promoter Live Nation is said to be the biggest and the most experienced in the industry. And it is said the company has a long list of safety violation for years. And in the first Astroworld Festival in 2019, three people were injured due to a similar stampede in a smaller scale.

Crowd Crush: the tragedy of humans in large numbers

14 thoughts on “My First Reblogging

    1. So true. A crowd is a mad entity. Stay away from the madding crowd is probably the best option. however, we don’t want to live in fears. Life can be so tricky–one wants to be protective to oneself and one also wants to be brave.

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  1. That is scary. I have heard of too many incidences when huge concerts go out of control. I remember going to punk rock shows when moshing was a thing, that was when the crowd pushes each other around for no reason. Punk rock shows tend to be small, I’d hate to be in a mosh pit in a bigger venue.

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  2. I’m so happy you reblogged this, and you elevated it to a new level with what you added. “fleshy dominoes”—that is some visceral imagery. Wow. I didn’t realize that the highest death toll was 2400 lives at ONCE, is that the stampede that happened in 2015 during Hajj in Mecca? So sad.
    Crowds are scary.

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    1. Yes, I think so. I was really shocked when I see this. 2400. I can’t believe this. And people will go there still. They are not afraid of being crushed. I mean women too.


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