The Crazy Monday

Image by Iván Tamás from Pixabay

Every Monday has its own craziness. And instead of concentrating all my energy in handling the craziness, I often have existential questions coming to my mind in this most inopportune day. I can’t believe it. This almost never happens on a Friday or a weekend when I have more free time. And “the meaning of life” is the first one coming to my mind, followed by “the futile struggle”, and eventually ended in “striving having become a habit rather than an aspiration.” Timing has never been my strength and my scheduling is almost always messy.

This past Monday is particularly crazy. I realized early in the morning that the social media–a niche social media, not being widely used in America–we are using to conduct our client communication was down. Probably it’s due to global warming, electricity blackout, or some other inexplicable reasons. When it came back to life, we were told by the log in screen to reload our app, which took a long time. Then we realized that the password could be a problem since every time the app automatically springs to life, we haven’t been using our username and password to log in for years. Then it’s the mad dash to find the password. Our effort produced three results, but which password is the last password? It took us three hours to finally get everything sorted out. The panic. It is just too much panic for a little social media communication.

I had to call my friend who’s in Queens, New York. She’s an expert about this social media. She actually told me that some people have social media anxiety right now, the fear of getting in and the fear of missing out, almost as severe as real social anxiety.

I wonder if there’s a word for social media anxiety, addiction etc. I wonder if people would go to see a psychiatrist about this. Among all the criticism levied on people who are addicted to social media, I actually hear a positive example. There’s one couple whose relationship has improved after they started to communicate through their twitter account. They have cordial exchange of messages–no more screaming matches.

34 thoughts on “The Crazy Monday

    1. So true. Triviality in chores, in social media, and even in my brain. This morning, I suddenly realize that most of the things I think about are just trivial issues.


  1. I don’t like social media as well. Unfortunately my job requires me to be on Facebook. The only type of social media I do like are blogging platforms like wordpress since we can have deep discussions on various topics. Xanga used to be good about this too.

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  2. I actually think that social media—or internet—addiction is a real problem that we’re not equipped to handle yet. A lot of experts also think so. I’m working on trying to distance myself from it. Anyway, wishing you all the best!

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  3. Haha! The ending made me laugh. At least social media helped somebody. And technology can be a real pain. When things go wrong, it robs a person of time and sanity. I hope things sail smoother from now on. 🙂

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    1. Yes, it seems getting better afterwards and I finally get some free time last night and this morning. LOL. Yes, social media is helping some couples and thank you for inspiring me to write a story about this couple. You are my source of inspiration.

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  4. A great comment on an ever increasing problem, Haoyando! Games on apps, and gaming in general tend to do a similar thing. Of course there is the other end of the equation where you need to have a password for everything – it drives me around the bend and then, it’s a nightmare when they expire one after another or you have to change them regularly 😊

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    1. It is true. Password is so complicated and the verification is often on a cell phone that one has thrown away. It is an impossible situation. I wish there can be a new way for password since it is clogging up…

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    1. So true. FOMO is the term for it. And rightly so since so many people are suffering from it. I wish there are better word created for this symptom if it is not qualified as a illness. FOMO will do for now. Many people are affected by it and suffer from it.

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