The Holiday Binge

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I am wondering what I am going to binge watch this holiday season. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I love a show with a good script and I don’t mind how the actors and actresses look. I mean even if each is 200 years old, with three eyes and five noses, I will watch it.


I watched the first five seasons, but I didn’t go any further. I probably can finish it this year. I think it is on Netflix right now.


Years ago, I watched several seasons (can’t remember how many) until Ross and Emily separated, but not beyond that point. Somehow I don’t belong to those people who root for Ross and Rachel getting together one day. I think they will make a good couple, but not the best couple. I’d rather see each of them find the most suitable person…

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I heard about a new season 11 of this show and I can watch it this holiday season. It is said this is a show without a real script, each actor improvising his or her own dialog while Larry providing a story outline. Actually I think several Asian traditional theaters are like that, for which a traditional script is available, but it only serves as an outline. Actors have all the freedom to talk whatever he or she wants as long as it doesn’t undermine the whole plot. Guess what, many actors would choose to insert satires of political figures into their improvisation–the audience loves that.


I love this show from Showtime. The script is wonderful and I particularly enjoy the character Taylor Mason. More non-binary characters please. More imagination. Let’s get out of our dogmatic stupor of thinking that human life is restricted to the very narrowly defined forms and its institutionalized manifestation. Didn’t Darwin say, “endless forms most beautiful?”


I don’t know why the clips from this show were recommended to me on YouTube. I understand the merit of this show, but it’s not my style. However, the character Ari Gold really reminds me one or two hyperactive salesmen I knew. I don’t know if I will watch this show, but I might. It’s a little hyper…

Squid Game

I just heard that this is the new Korean show very popular on Netflix. It is said it is a “Hunger Game” meeting “Parasite”. Actually from one or two Asian TV news, it’s not too far fetched from the South Korean reality right now since the economy is bad and unemployment is high and half of the households are in heavy debt, which they don’t think they can ever dig themselves out. Please, South Korea. Please do better. I don’t want the Korean Wave to end.

Empress Ki

I’ve had this video under my desk for years and I still haven’t watched it. My not watching it is not because I don’t like it, but rather I will like it too much. Then it will be a ten day marathon of no sleep no shower no healthy food. I will end up like a zombie. Korean shows almost killed me before and I don’t want it to happen again.

Jane Austen

I can binge Jane Austen again.

George Orwell

I still haven’t finished Orwell’s diary and I only read a portion of his essays. I want to read them all. I love Orwell. He is the most inspiring author. His novels are OK, but his essays are sooooooooo brilliant. He died in 1950 and nobody has been as inspirational as he is for the last seventy years.

60 thoughts on “The Holiday Binge

  1. I’ve watched most of the shows you mentioned and I’m currently watching the new season of Curb as new episodes come out. It’s fantastic. Entourage is good but I don’t know if it’s binge-worthy. I thought it was good but not great.

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    1. Wow, I love Curb since many of what Larry is expressing is similar to cultural differences even though Larry has no cultural differences with other people. He has a character difference and manner difference from others. Also the first five seasons of “Big Bang Theory” too. There are certain “cultural” differences between people with common sense and people like Sheldon.

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  2. I usually watch thrillers and horror. My brain needs to be scared out of its wits. haha!
    Yes, I also suggest that you read. I’m sure it’ll be a more cozy experience. I hope you find what you’re looking for. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha. That’s a great line–to be scared out of its wits. LOL. I am not sure which one to choose at this point. I tried to write a haunting story, but it is not haunting at all. Hahaha. live and learn.

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  3. Finished watching Squid Game, started off pretty good. A little undecided about the ending… . Might start back on Midsomer Murders. So, if you like British mysteries, you might like to check this series out. They are usually around 1 1/2 hour long, and at its 22nd season. 🙂

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    1. Wow. I want to watch Squid Game. Wonder how it feels like. I watched several episode of midsomer murders, but didn’t continue for some reason. 22nd season? That’s a lot longer than other TV series.


  4. I’d encourage you to watch Anne with an E on Netflix! Trust me, you won’t regret it the least bit! It’s the best of anything I’ve watched and made me read the original books: “Anne of Green Gables”. It’s a vintage classic, written in the Victorian era about a little orphan girl. It’s a coming of age stories and children and adults can relate to it alike.

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    1. I watched the old “Anne of Green Gables” and loved it, but at the time my housemate Mary, an intelligent lady from Sri Lanka laughed at me. Still I enjoyed it although I forgot quite a lot of it. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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  5. In my 20’s I faithfully watched every season of Seinfeld & Friends. Curb is 100% improvised good fun. If you can I recommend The Goldbergs, Murdoch Mysteries, Mad Men, the most recent iteration of The Twilight Zone and the original version as well.

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    1. I watched Mad Men many years ago, but i couldn’t finish the last two seasons for reasons that I’ve already forgotten by now. I will be very interested in the new Twilight Zone. They can be great. I googled and it is released recently.

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