Wishful Thinking

I wish that one day when we wake up, the morning news can tell us that Mondays have disappeared, forever from our life, together with other annoying things. Every Monday, I would inevitably think of existential thoughts, like “the meaning of life”, “the futility of struggle”, “the delusional dreams”, “the useless suffering” etc. And needless to say, every Monday ends up proving that my gloomy thoughts have many rings of truth to it. Fortunately, things tend to look up from Tuesday onward…

Yesterday is quite the worst Monday that I’ve ever experienced. I talked for about four to five hours, almost non-stop with various people, on phone, on zoom, until I completely talked myself into a state of oblivion. And at the end of the day, when I thought that this Monday was finally winding down, I had to explain the difference of an address on an envelop and an address on a bill–it is to translate something to make somebody understand the issues at hand. Then I realized that the person is not confused about the language since he could understand me clearly, but the person is confused culturally. To him, an address on an envelop is as valid as an address on a monthly statement. On any other day, this kind of cultural difference would have delighted me, but not on a Monday when I was at the end of my wits and sanity.

And just when I thought the abysmal Monday was finally coming to an end, a hoarder sent me a big pile of information to sort out for her. Yes, she is an information hoarder just as much as I am a draft hoarder–I have been hoarding hundreds of useless writing drafts that are fit for garbage bins, but I know I would never throw them out. She collects all kinds of information about her life–an award from kindergarten is considered a collectible by her. Then she complains that she can’t fit what she wants into her resume, which is already several pages long.

Now that Tuesday is finally here, I have something to tell all the Mondays out there that when universal basic income becomes a reality, Mondays will disappear. I am sure of that.

29 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking

  1. If Mondays are removed Tuesdays will become the new Monday and we’ll hate Tuesdays. I think we should just get rid of weekdays altogether lol πŸ˜‚ Hope you had a better day today.

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    1. That’s so true. I haven’t thought about that. Actually I just recovered a little bit from the worst Monday. What can I say? Just strive and strive. It can be tiresome and weary sometimes.

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    1. Hahaha. So you’ve read your mother’s secret, haven’t you? You piqued my interest. Your mom probably wish that you help her publish her drafts online. What do you think?


      1. It was surprising because they were drafts of things like a letter to her Aunt. I might occasionally write a draft of a letter but I would throw it away at some point. She also kept seating charts of parties she threw. Perhaps to avoid seating the same people together at future parties?

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        1. Wow, she’s so well organized. She even drew seating chart. I bet you inherited these beautiful traits of hers. And she also write draft letters without sending them. She’s a very interesting woman.

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  2. Wasn’t it Garfield who always said, β€œI hate Mondays!?” I’m with you there … the week seems endless … cheer up, weekend is coming up soooon … just three more days 😩

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  3. Since I am retired from paid work, a pensioner, the fact that today is Tuesday, or Saturday or whatever, doesn’t really make any difference.
    Ah! The sun is shining, let’s go to the beach β›± Oh no, can’t, it’s Monday

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  4. If that’s the case with me
    then the dream sends me
    a new message
    that i am a fool
    with the endeavor
    as a worthless representative of the people
    have to erase my zeal
    to do the simple things
    that in every human being
    queue every day
    to work on it

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