Hurricane Henri

Image by Jan Mallander from Pixabay

On Friday morning, I was happy to see the regular weather for Edison and thought to myself that nothing would happen to us while Hurricane Henri will skirt the New England coast to disappear into the sea. However, thirteen hours later, about two hours ago, when I checked the weather again, the hurricane cone on the weather map is moved fifty miles west. Now Edison is going to have a wind of 30 miles per hour for Sunday. It is rather worrying. If the weather model moves the hurricane track any further west tomorrow, Edison would be hit with 50 to 80 miles per hour wind, which is like 80 to 130 kilometers an hour. I am just frightened to think of the damage it would do. Now I want to pray to whatever gods that are in charge of weather, please don’t let it hit us.

Nine years ago when Hurricane Sandy came ashore with only 50 miles per hour wind for Edison, we had an electricity blackout for a week. Battery shortages, candles flying off the store shelves. I had to throw away all the food in the freezer just to be on the safe side. The worst was the gas shortage. Long lines at gas stations and I waited for two hours to get my tank filled up. New York was even worse. I knew people who traveled from NYC to here just to find gas. Actually gas was not the worst. The worst was not able to get on internet. It was the end of October and I had several deadlines coming up, but without internet it was impossible to work. Without heat at night, I had to pile everything on the bed to keep warm.

Now I will stop writing and go praying, even if I am agnostic.

22 thoughts on “Hurricane Henri

        1. Oh, It’s 90 degrees for the entire past week. The sun sets early now, like before 8PM, but the heat lingers. Humans are selfish to the point of being self destructive.

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    1. And thank you for your prayer and it worked. Henri veered towards the sea and leave this area almost entirely alone. What a fright. The weather is getting crazier every year.


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