New Word #46: Recently Learned

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

firenado: a rapidly rotating column of flames above an intense fire, caused when air, dust, etc. is drawn into the fire from the surroundings and rises, creating a vortex. This word is obviously obtained from the word “tornado”, which is referring to air vortex rather than fire vortex. I learned this word from the news of last week.

shrinkflation: a form of inflation, most common in food and beverage, that consists of reducing a product’s size while maintaining its sticker price. It is said there’s such kind of inflation going on right now. Actually I have noticed that the quality of food at Trader Joe’s is going down a little bit. Their green tea doesn’t give me the usual kick as before–or probably I’ve just got too used to it. My favorite mango passion fruit juice blend (100% juice) tastes less fruity than before–or is it just my imagination?

aficionado: a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime. I can’t remember where I learned this word, but it is a nice word and I’ve seen it used regularly.

anthropogenic: describes a process or result generated by human beings. I’ve seen this word a couple of time on articles about global warming, which is considered anthropogenic. I can’t remember who said this, “we have trashed the joint.”

metaverse: a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. I tried to read this article with “What Is the Metaverse” as the title, but New York Times doesn’t allow me to read it without a subscription. Sigh.

synesthesia: a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates several of your senses. I wonder if this neurological condition is considered normal or abnormal.
From Susankgray’s post here.

shenanigan: secret or dishonest activity or maneuvering.
From Bonnywood’s post here.

dunk: This word is often heard during basketball games, meaning a shot downward into the basket with the hands above the rim. It also means: dip (bread or other food) into a drink or soup before eating it.
From Seankfletcher’s post here.

quondam: that once was; former.
From Pooja’s post here.

wallow: (chiefly of large mammals) roll about or lie relaxed in mud or water, especially to keep cool, avoid biting insects, or spread scent.
From Geoff’s post here.

touche: used as an acknowledgment during a discussion of a good or clever point made at one’s expense by another person. I did hear people say several times in sitcoms, but never really what it means until now.
From trE’s post here.

triskaidekaphobia: the fear of number 13.

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