The New Features

I have heard about the unbearable block editor of WordPress a lot from other people who had enjoyed the ease of use of the classic editor before, but I started WP last year on the block editor, and I don’t have a better experience of the previous editor to compare it to.

However I’ve experienced kindle fire for several years and the new features of it has made the pad rather difficult to use, especially when the audible app is concerned, which I rely on daily so that I can listen to books while doing chores.

It used to be that my Kindle Fire tablet responded really fast in switching between programs. Then, several weeks ago, there’s a major revamp of features, during which the entire interface was changed — magazines of the newsstand category merged with book reading, kindle and audible merged into subcategory of library. I haven’t read a magazine yet, but the response time of the entire pad has suffered a serious blow ever since. Now it takes minutes for me to switch programs while in the past it only takes less than a second.

Often, I have to press an audible book several times without getting it to start its narration. A circle appears on the screen and flashes to indicates the pad is thinking–and it takes such a long time for it to think. It feels like somebody with memory loss trying to recall something. And if you impatiently press on the screen, in an futile attempt to speed up the process, you will cause the pad to lose its equilibrium and go crazy. It will start to narrate the audible book for one second and then frantically switch to other commands you have pressed, eventually settling down on a “show mode” that you don’t know how to get out of.

The kindle fire pad will occasionally give out a sigh or play several electronic music notes in ascending order. Or sometimes when you are listening to an audible book, it suddenly comes up with a loud beep to indicate a notification of certain kind, although I am not aware I’ve ever set up any notification. One second later, it resumes the book, but somehow you feel that several words are missing even if there is probably no word missing.

In the “good old time”, the pad can remember where you have left off. It will start at the right location to continue the narration the next time. However that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, it often jump back to the beginning as if you haven’t read it at all even though you’ve already read half of the book–I mean listen rather than read.

And a parade of dictionaries are loaded onto the Kindle Fire without your consent. You delete it and they come back again. I only need the Oxford American English Dictionary and I don’t want anything else, but the pad has other ideas. It loads Spanish, Italian, Portuguese dictionaries. You delete them and they come back again the second day and the cycle goes on and on.

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6 thoughts on “The New Features

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I used the previous version and love it. I haven’t been on Kindle lately though. Did the new version automatically replacedthe old or one still have to initiate it?

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    1. I’ve loved kindle fire for years, but now it is a source of irritation since it responds so slow. Also it cannot distinguish between a real command and a panicky series of button push out of desperation. It doesn’t prioritize and treats each as command and follow them sequentially. It is so annoying that I really want to smash it to the floor, although I know the carpet would save it from any intended damage. LOL.


    1. I am thinking of giving up on kindle fire despite being a customer for 8 years. It is getting slower and slower. Today it actually automatically stopped when I was cooking and listening. With my hand occupied, I can’t even do anything. LOL.

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