Local Politics (Flash Fiction #34)

“Oh, you are so naive. You have no idea of the numerous little things. New Jersey has a unique party line politics.” Dodo says.

“What is party line?” Pammy asks.

“It’s too complicated to explain to you. If you participate in our meetings, gradually you will know. You’ve never come to a political meeting before? A typical Asian immigrant, you are. You will not hear politics even if politics bangs on your door.” Dodo says, in her usual way, a little friendly smile, a little condescension.

Dodo is Pammy’s gynecologist, but in Pammy’s husband’s opinion, Dodo spends more time on politics than on people’s reproductive system. It is a Sunday and Dodo happens to be in the neighborhood–2021 is a local election year. Dodo’s husband spend all his spare time to campaign for their candidate. He doesn’t have a job and can spend all his time on politics. Dodo would help him on Sundays. Even their children would occasionally come out to help.

“In simplest terms, the party line politics means each county designs its own deliberately confusing ballot and political money is allocated to special figures only, usually for the benefit of the incumbents.” Dodo says.

Pammy feels that the explanation is more confusing than the question.

“We have a meeting at Pine Manor after my round. You can join us if you want.” Dodo says.

“Yes, I don’t have anything else to do. I can go with you right now.” Pammy says.

At the driveway, as Pammy is about to get in Dodo’s car, Pammy’s husband Pan comes back with their son Sam. They went to the local park for some exercise.

“Where are you going? A political meeting? Unbelievable. You said you were going to make some homemade tofu and rice wine, but you haven’t done that for a month. Politics is a waste of time. Good Asians don’t do politics.” Pan raises his voice as they drive away.

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10 thoughts on “Local Politics (Flash Fiction #34)

  1. This is so interesting for me. Where I am, at the local level, party politics is not allowed. Candidates are elected based on their own merits. This means at the end of the day, the local council elected functions more as a board of directors with independent thought brought to the table and conflicts of interest are reduced dramatically. Of candidates will still bend the ears of those in the electorate, but they are more disposed to what the constituents want instead of the other way around 😊

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    1. That’s so true and that’s the way it should be done. LOL. Hopefully things can move to a better direction. I have little knowledge of politics and I am surprised when people tell me about the messy local politics–so much money, business interests, party politics are involved in the election of a little town. LOL.

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    1. That is very true. She is trying to influence her patients on their political views. I have a friend who went to see her and come out with changed political views–not much, just slightly. I have to spend half an hour to change her back–I hope I succeeded. LOL.

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        1. LOL. I told my friend to ask her doctor to shut up. There’s a saying in the Asian community that normal people don’t get involved in politics and only the unhinged people do. Judging from the general attitude among Asians towards politics, the saying has its ring of truth in it. Of course this general attitude is rather undesirable, and I hope it can be changed somehow. LOL.

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