Energy (Flash Fiction #28)

Photo by Susanna Marsiglia on Unsplash

“I am so bored.” I hear myself saying. Nalan and I have evolved from talking on phone to talking on Zoom.

“I am more bored than you are.” Nalan says. That’s just typical of Nalan. Whenever I say something, she will say she is more than me. If I complain about my mother, Nalan will say her mother is worse than mine; if I complain about my health, she is going to say her health is worse than mine; If I talk about hating house chores, she is surely to point out her Herculean effort in cleaning and picking up after her husband and her daughter. If I say I got a traffic ticket in New York City–I know she dislikes going to NYC–she will come up with this person owing NYC $1000 parking fine and that person going to court to negotiate with the traffic prosecutor.

“Do you know Wani and her husband finalized their divorce and she is marrying somebody else soon.” Nalan says.

I don’t know Wani very well, but Nalan is a regular friend with her.

“I like Wani’s husband a lot, and he’s a great guy. They also have two kids. But Wani just says enough is enough and they part their ways. I have to tell you Wani really has energy. She’s the most energetic woman I’ve ever met. She works as a project manager, takes care of two kids, and still finds time to go out to dance at night. Unbelievable.” Nalan says.

“Unbelievable. I don’t have so much energy as Wani.” I say.

“Nobody does. She’s an unusual woman. You know that’s why we are bored. Either you live like the over energized Wani, or you get bored. There’s nothing in between.” Nalan says.

12 thoughts on “Energy (Flash Fiction #28)

    1. It’s unbelievable. And her husband (ex-husband) is not much of a help. She does everything alone and such a super woman. Once in a while, I will meet one of them. LOL. When I was young, I tried to emulate this kind of person, only to make myself exhausted. I’ve learned not to follow their examples. LOL.

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  1. Hmmm…
    I do know someone like that, if you have a cold, they have pneumonia. I have left them speechless a couple of times by saying, “I have never felt better in a long time. I’m as happy as can be.”

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  2. I see your Friend tuning back as more than you on whatever you say πŸ˜…. In other case, may be her overtime activities are clashing reasons for parting off. That’s sad but she’s strong enough.

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