Love Animal Videos

I love to watch animal videos. I guess it’s because I’m too lazy to have a pet. Or probably my Mongolian genes are working on my subconscious thoughts–we are supposed to be animal loving nomads.

Videos about grateful wildlife. There are so many YouTube videos about grateful wildlife that I almost feel that the concept of morality has been spreading among all the creatures. People save a deer or fox or a duck once, the next thing they know, they come back to “express” their gratitude, sometimes with the next generation in tow. Their grateful eyes seem to say “thank you” and the sound they make can be interpreted as “I love you”. I know it is very silly, but I can’t help watching it.

One of the most consistently grateful animals is deer in a Japanese temple and the entire little township. They would bow to you in order to get a snack and they would bow again after getting a snack. Watching human bowing is not enough, I guess. We really love to watch a deer bowing. I have to say I suspect the monks in the temple secretly trained these deer to bow for the purpose of attracting worshipers and tourists. At least in the beginning. After the first several deer learned the trick, other deer in the region started to emulate.

Image by Brian Cragun from Pixabay

Videos of pets with table manners. Pets have to have table manners too. They wait quietly for their turn. Some even learn to use forks and spoons.

Videos apologize for animal behaviors. I love those videos. Why a lion eats its preys? One video explains that it is trying to kill the weaker ones so that the whole herd of buffaloes can be healthier. I would never have imagined. Thank you BBC for telling me that and gives the lions the job of a safari health inspector. Also why a bull of elephant seal wants a harem? That doesn’t sound very moral, does it? The video explains that it is because the strongest gene needs to be passed into the next generation and the weaker genes should be prevented from doing so. I have to say they sound a little lame and expedient. I’d like to suggest to the video producers that they should hire better script writers to come up with better stories.

Videos of human living with ferocious animals. I don’t think I will ever understand people who live with bear, leopard, tiger, or lion. However I love to watch the videos. Every minute I am terrified that the beast is going to become a real beast and eat the human partner for dinner, but the beast seems to be postponing that beastly moment indefinitely…

Image by Adrega from Pixabay

Videos of Serengeti, Maasai Mara or other national or private game reserves of Africa. I don’t know why people, including me, like to watch lions hunting and eating their prey. Is it for the same reason that people in ancient Rome enjoyed watching gladiators fighting wild beasts; people in the bad old days enjoyed watching beheading?

22 thoughts on “Love Animal Videos

  1. Wild animals can be so humane sometimes. I’m interested in the Japanese deers. I once watched a leopard babysitting an orphaned baby monkey.

    The wild is full of wonders

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  2. Hi, saw your blog mentioned over on “Haps with Herb” so decided to come take a look. You have a very nice blog here so you have gained a new follower! I hope you have a wonderful day!πŸ˜€πŸ˜ΊπŸŒž

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    1. LOL. That’s an amazing video. A Buddha cat. What an oddity. He doesn’t like fish and meat. LOL. And refuse to hunt. He even eats the grass. Is he converting into herbivores? That’s so funny. I guess a cat can survive on tofu, egg, and milk, which are allowed in a temple. LOL.

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        1. I thought Buddhists allow egg and milk since they are food obtained without killing the animal. At least that is my understanding. Maybe it is different in Korea. LOL. Anyway, love the Buddha cat a lot. I think all the worshipers love him too.

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        2. The thing is that it depends on each country. In Thailand, monks eat whatever their worshipers give them, so sometimes they also eat fish and meat. In Korea, the temples are strictly vegetarian, so no animal products are allowed. In Tibet, as it is mountainous over there, the monks eat more meat than vegetables.


  3. I love animal videos too! I agree with you about Maasai Mara videos. I am cool with seeing animals catch their prey. Maybe because it’s just nature, so shrug!

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