The Dilemma (Flash Fiction #6)

They’ve been engaged for a year and the wedding has been planned for a lucky day this summer–lucky in its number in both the regular calendar and the lunar calendar. However she has a little something, probably a little blue bird, in her heart that she can’t hush up. She’s tried to silence it, but it continues to tweet in an uneasy tone.

He’s perfect in every way–handsome, polite–with a stable job, a non-meddling mother, a manageable temperament, a respect for her, and even a willingness to do a portion of the housework. Everybody says she’s lucky and she’s quite convinced that she is, but that little blue bird…. Why can’t you shut up, your insolent bird?

He’s a little too eager to agree with her opinions and a little too quick in denouncing her ex-girlfriend, as if he’s trying to conform to certain rules of conduct which he considers appropriate and inviolable, which he considers will please her.

Why does he do that? Does he still have feelings for her ex? Is he afraid that she might detect his true feeling if he doesn’t criticize his ex? Or probably he is not doing anything deliberately. Probably he doesn’t even know he still harbors the feeling for his ex and he tries to convince himself that the past belongs to the past.

What will she do now? To take the plunge or to prolong the engagement?

15 thoughts on “The Dilemma (Flash Fiction #6)

  1. They might benefit from some pre-marital counseling with an authority they both recognize. A clergyman or other unrelated, impartial person. It is a very helpful thing.

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    1. Yes, a psychiatrist might do wonders for them and bring some hidden feelings to the open. Often it is hard for people to examine themselves without outside help, but a lot of people are in denial of their psychological needs.

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    1. Yes, love makes us unsure of a lot of things. Should she talk with him honestly about the little bird? Should she give herself more time to observe and make decisions? πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ Thank you for your comment.

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        1. That’s very true. In these crucial moments of our life, we should examine and re-examine our life and people around us. We should definitely do that. The little bird should not be suppressed.

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    1. That’s another possibility. Thanks for point it out. She probably should find a way to talk with him about this. To engage in some real communication, though it is easy said than done.


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