New Word #5: Timeline Of A Day

Diurnal: of or during the day.

Nocturnal: done, occurring, or active at night.

Matutinal: of or occurring in the morning.

Vespertine: relating to, occurring, or active in the evening.

Crepuscular: of, resembling, or relating to twilight.

Out of the five words, I’ve only regularly seen nocturnal being used. However once I read crepuscular somewhere and wrote it down in my notebook. Now I forget where I read it and what the context is. I am not a crepuscular person who’s only active during the twilight periods, but I love dawn and dusk. I think many people are like me. So crepuscular is a nice word to me, although it doesn’t sound like English–probably a Greek or Latin word.

Long ago, I worked in a hospital for a year and talked to two nurses regularly since we shared the dorm room for staff members. They complained about the night shifts constantly. According to them, night shifts are very unsuitable for healthy human existence since they can’t sleep well during the day no matter how tired and sleepy they are. I wouldn’t know this unless I really talk with people who have night shifts. Later I read something that says nocturnal activities disrupt the circadian rhythm of the body, putting people in a constant jet lag mode, rather damaging to the health.

25 thoughts on “New Word #5: Timeline Of A Day

  1. I enjoy your new words very much and am already looking forward to your next discoveries … so far only nocturnal has crossed my literary reading world πŸ˜„. Will keep my eyes peeled for those others … Lovely night shift story … chapeau to all those who are there for us day and night!

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    1. Thank you for such an encouraging message. Yes, nocturnal is the only regularly appearing words I’ve encountered in TV channels like animal planet and discovery etc. I’ve never had night shifts myself, but the job is very challenging.


  2. I have never heard of the words except nocturnal.
    Night shifts are terrible. It’s unhealthy to be awake and working during those hours. But then we need people during those hours too.

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    1. That’s so true. Night shifts are very necessary, but the jobs are no good to human body. That’s just the truth. I really think night shifts should be paid much more since it is so demanding on the body.

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  3. I’ve heard most of those words before, although I’d say nocturnal is the most commonly used.

    I used to work 2nd to 3rd shift (evenings to night) in this one office. Those nurses are right, it’s very damaging to the human body.

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    1. True. I often hear nocturnal in the animal planet or discovery channel. LOL. Yes, night shifts are tough jobs. I really think night shifts should be paid much more since it is so demanding on the human body, but usually it is not. This is just to say how unfair many systems are.

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  4. I’ve seen diurnal and nocturnal used in descriptions of animal habits and I have read crepuscular a couple of different places but I don’t remember where. The other two are new to me.

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    1. Me too about crepuscular. Read it somewhere. I don’t know how the other two are used and I can’t even imagine somebody (or some animal) who are only active in the morning, or only in the evening. LOL. There must be ones. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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