The New Purchase (Flash Fiction #1)

“Where are you going?” Armei asks.

“Relax. I’ll be back in two hours.” Armei’s boyfriend Lee says.

“No, you are not. Liar. I will shoot you if you leave me.” Armei pulls out the new gun Lee just bought from a gun show in New York City.

“Hi, be careful with that. That’s not a toy.”

“Now go to wash the dishes first, then come back to give me a massage. After that take out the garbage. Then you can go, but make sure you are back in one hour.”

“Are you being melodramatic here? Argue about some little chores. Now give me the gun.” He laughs. He never takes her seriously. He never listens to her.

Bang, bang, bang. It’s so loud and her hands hurt and she wakes up.

It’s a dream. Lee’s sleeping beside her. She didn’t want him to get the gun, but he still went out and got it with two of his buddies. He also wants to join the “Community Patrol” team, ostensibly to protect the Asian community, but in essence to show off his new purchase. She doesn’t want him to go patrolling since she doesn’t want him to shoot anybody. What a weird dream.

19 thoughts on “The New Purchase (Flash Fiction #1)

  1. That’s quite dangerous. Lee should take necessary precautions and some training. Fun is one thing and risking other people’s lives is another. Hope he understands these risks and takes action wisely.

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    1. Yes, different ethnic groups live in different communities in the greater New York area. LOL. I’ve lived here for so long that I forget that other people who have not experienced this may have some questions about this. LOL.

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    1. Yes, Lee does need professional help. He’s so eager to go to shooting range to enjoy the gun enthusiasm. You never know a person’s inner self until something makes him reveal himself. He doesn’t even like sports and has been the quiet and conservative kind. One never knows there’s such a thirst hidden inside. Human beings are whimsical.

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      1. Human beings can be very whimsical for sure. I grew up around guns all my life and don’t fear them, but I do respect them. If Lee is based on a real person going to a range and meeting experienced people may not be a bad thing. Obviously I don’t know.

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        1. I’ve never thought about this issue until the talk started among my friends the middle of last year. You are right it is a complicated issue with rights, safety, industry. Anyway, I have to say people do feel a thrill when they buy a gun–my observation.

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